Crazy Croc

Crazy Croc

Created using Figma
Crazy Crocs will be created as a play 2 earn game, earn tokens by swimming in the swamp (Staking).
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Mar 29, 2022
Apr 6, 2022
100% completed
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About Crazy Croc

Players will be able to find rare MEATS to allow them to level up faster, levelling will earn you more $SWAMP tokens which you will be able to spend on in game purchases to upgrade your team. Fighting will be able to take place in our Phase 2. 10% of all Crocs will be Unique Crocs which will allow you to steal $SWAMP tokens from other players and they will get a 10% chance to steal Gen 1 Crocs on minting.

Crazy Crocs  is a staking game with algorithmitically  generated art of 8,000 unique Crocs swimming around on Avax Blockchain ready to eat humans.

Earn $SWAMP token by sending your Crocs to swim in the swamps (Staking)

Find MEAT  Sending your crocs off to swim, you have a chance to find MEAT which will enable you to earn bonus SWAMP tokens.

Fight using your crocs against other players and get rewarded in $SWAMP

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