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The decentralized exchange of Counos OÜ is a peer to peer and community based decentralized exchange to empower users to do cryptocurrency trades in a secure and free environment. By using our DEX services each trader may exchange their digital assets (cryptocurrencies) by other community members’ assets, even by fiat money.
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About Counos Dex

Counos is a company registered in the country of Estonia with the registration number 14673576 that has the permit to work in the field of trading cryptocurrencies and fiat money. This company has tried to establish its trading platforms in order to facilitate the process of exchanging cryptocurrencies to one another and the possibility of buying and selling them in a completely legal way with fiat money so that customers of this service would be able to engage in their trades with the utmost security and with proper speed.

Also, Counos will review and guarantee the security and authentication of transactions and exchanges. Furthermore, with respect to legal responsibilities, Counos will prevent any activity that would lead to illegal actions.

By relying on the experts in its team, Counos will constantly try to improve the offered services and the extensiveness of supported cryptocurrencies. For this reason, Counos awaits the feedback of customers and users of this service in order to create a better customer experience.


Counos Decentralized Exchange is a pioneer in offering suitable and secure alternatives to trade cryptocurrencies and fiat money among users in the P2P manner. Counos decentralized Exchange guarantees the security of the trades between the buyer and the seller through Escrow service and via Multisig feature in Blockchain technology. Using Escrow service at Counos Exchange, three private keys are developed for entering the trades, and the total amount of the trades is placed in a shared wallet. An agent will be present as the overseer in addition to the trade parties. The users can use the other users as the overseer or Counos exchange as the agent. The trade being finalized and unfreezing the asset of both trade parties will not be possible unless at least two private keys are verified. This multipurpose service will increase the final security of the trades for both the buyer and the seller. In the decentralized exchanges, the existence of fake trades causes the users’ bewilderment and financial exploitations. Through accommodating deposit to create an offer, Counos prevents fake requests.

Why Counos DEX Fiat Money Support

We support the most common fiat money and payment methods in the offers and contracts.

Multisig Wallet

At Counos DEX we care about the safety of your assets, so all the assets involved in exchanges will be protected using the Multisig wallet technology.


Counos DEX guarantees the safety of global online exchanges via two-factor authentication using Counos SSO (Single Sign On).


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