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Practically everyone has lost money in cryptocurrency. And this is not an accident, because behind the rise or fall of cryptocurrencies there are market makers, large gamblers who have huge amounts of money to manipulate the market. They are also called big Whales of the market.They have unlimited resources and can raise and lower the growth of a particular cryptocurrency. And with them no one can cope alone, but only together we can all resist them.
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About Corsair World

Since 2017, we have been making money on the cryptocurrency market by raising or making a collapse of one or another cryptocurrency in which «Whales of the Market» keep their funds.

With each hesitation of the market, more and more people join us who want to earn with us and take back what they lost earlier.

Over the past couple of years, partners have appeared in different parts of the world, and more and more ordinary people have joined them. Because they are not satisfied with the constant loss of money.

We track the movement of Whales and stay ahead of the curve with our global community. Token CASH is a tool for influencing the global cryptocurrency market. In it, anyone can oppose the Market makers and Market Whales and constantly make money on the growth of the token and on the staking-farming services of the CASH token.

We put 90% of the profits from trading in the CASH liquidity pool. Therefore, you can always earn money by keeping funds in CASH token.

Corsair has the technology that powers most cryptocurrency hedge funds. Technology constantly monitors the activity of addresses belonging to the largest investors. When moving large assets, our technologies are activated and inform the community about the reasons and plans of the trader.

CASH token has already collected a large community in every corner of the cryptocurrency business around the world and, accordingly, will collect a fairly large capitalization. Corsairs are building their own republic - their own DEX CORSAIR. This will force people to be considered dreams in the global cryptocurrency market - and for this we need a large army of like-minded people. Become a Crypto Corsair and establish balance in your direction!


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