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Coffe is a platform that includes the infrastructure in which there is all the necessary tools for investing in cryptocurrency assets. Deployed Coffe platform is designed for small, medium and large investors, for traders and market analysts cryptocurrency. As well as the Coffe Platform is designed for owners of small, medium and large businesses wishing to deploy their blockchain-based technology infrastructure.
Nov 1, 2018
Dec 31, 2018
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About Coffe

The platform for the management of crypto assets of new generation. Created to give everyone the opportunity to work on crypto market comfortably and profitably. COFFE creates an automated system of evaluation of the potential or risks of crypto assets on the market. COFFE for the first time uses the tools with a guarantee of responsible management. COFFE offers a solution with a high level of security. COFFE is one of the first platforms created on the basis of the 3rd generation blockchain.COFFE is the first platform that implement the "WIN-WIN" model.

The main function of the COFFE platform is to provide tools for the effective management of crypto assets to a wide range of professional and non-professional participants of crypto market. The market of management of crypto assets is still "young", but is already measured in tens of billions of dollars. It has a huge potential for growth. The drivers of this growth will be the penetration of block technologies, an increase in the number of owners of crypto assets, the transfer of traditional capital under management (70 trillion dollars in 2017) to the crypto market.


Technical Info

The CFF token provides the access to the products and services of the COFFE platform, acts as a universal means of payment for user actions. The CFF token is involved in the system of rewards for user activity (work) of the participants; on platform COFFE for the provision of tools, services (commissions, etc.) as well as in the system of mutual user P2P ("person-to-person") rewards for the use of tools and services of the COFFE platform.

The liquidity of the COFFE token is provided by its "useful work" and its applicability on the COFFE platform (tools and services of the platform). The COFFE platform will be constantly developing, the volume of products, services will become more and more, which will provide an increasing demand for the CFF token.

The first listing of the token CFF will happen with the launch of the exchange COFFE Exchange. Thus, the initial liquidity of the CFF token will be provided at an early stage of the COFFE project.

Coffe Roadmap

  • 2017 - Development of the system

  • Q1
    - Creating a project idea
    - The beginning of the development of the blockchain COFFE Chain (based on the technology of the blockchain EOS)
    - The beginning of the development of the exchange COFFE Exchange
  • 2018 - Running and testing the system

  • Q1
    - Launch of the test network of the COFFE blockchain (TestNet)
    - Testing of the exchange COFFE Exchange
    - The release of the White paper
    - Launch of the website COFFE.IO
    - Launch of a personal cabinet and a system of payments by CFF tokens at DASHBOARD.COFFE.IO (closed beta testing)
    - Launch of the main network of the blockchain COFFE (MainNet)
    - Launch of the COFFE Exchange
    - Listing of token COFFE (CFF) at the exchange COFFE Exchange
    - Launch of the tool for asset management COFFE Pack
    - Launch of the referral program of the exchange COFFE Exchange
    - Running the system of payments through messengers and QR code
  • 2019 - Start of the investment platform

  • Q1
    - Start of the investment platform COFFE ICO Standard
    - Launch of the open API COFFE Ecosystem V.1.0
    - Launch of the intelligent protocol COFFE Protocol
    - Launch of the tool for asset management COFFE iPack
    - Launch of the open API COFFE Ecosystem V.2.0
    - Launch of the mobile application COFFE Ecosystem Mobile
    - Launch of the open API COFFE Ecosystem V.3.0
    - Launch of the desktop applications at COFFE Ecosystem
    - Listing of the tool COFFE Index Top on the exchange COFFE Exchange
    - Launch of the open API COFFE Ecosystem V.4.0


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Roman Zykov
Senior programmer
Dmitry Shiryaev
Vadim Kantsev
Nickolay Zubarev
Blockchain Developer
Eduard Medvedev
Andrey Makovsky
Business Development
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