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Providing institutional investors with powerful tools to analyze and invest in digital assets. Cloudwall Capital is a team of passionate fintech and research professionals looking to help institutional investors navigate the digital asset marketplace.
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Cloudwall Capital Inc.
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United States, Singapore
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Platform, Finance

About Cloudwall Capital

Cloudwall Capital is a risk platform technology provider for digital assets based in NYC and Singapore. Our flagship product, Serenity, is a cloud-based portfolio risk platform for digital asset hedge funds, prop trading firms, OTC desks and anyone managing a diverse portfolio of digital assets.

Founded in 2021 in NYC, we aim to build a global company and be part of the revolution in finance driven by the emerging Blockchain Economy.


In the future, every asset will be a digital asset. This will profoundly change finance and the world economy, and Cloudwall Capital will help make it happen.

We envision a world where every asset has been tokenized, a world we call The Blockchain Economy. To accelerate this transformation, institutional investors need to bring capital to the world’s builders and innovators, and they need tools and insights to invest with confidence.

We aim to provide institutional investors with a powerful platform to manage digital asset portfolios that satisfy their investment and risk objectives. We call this platform Serenity.

Cloudwall Capital Team

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Kyle Downey
CEO & Co-founder
Jia Yng Wee
COO & Co-founder
Ilya Kulyatin
Head of Research & Co-founder
Bob Guzman
Chief Product Officer
Makas Lau Tzavellas
Chief Technology Officer
Barry May
Risk Dashboard Architect
Jose Martinez
Risk Platform Engineer
Thierry Hue
Data Platform Engineer
Samuel Wang
Site Reliability Engineer
Boris Skorodumov
Research Engineer
Chen Xingru (Chloe)
Research Engineer
Kevin Givens
Research Engineer

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