Classified Owl𝕊

Classified Owl𝕊

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When twilight cast its shadow upon the forest, a peaceful parliament of Classified Owls opened their eyes to look through the darkness. These nocturnal creatures were famed for their wisdom, and respected for their command over the other species that surrounded them. They lived without fear or concern, for they knew no enemies.

That was until one fateful night, when the Owls turned their heads, and opened their eyes to the world. eyes expecting the familiarity of darkness. But what was unfolding before them was not familiar, it was destruction. A brutal flock of Hawks were destorying their home, a fully-fledged attack that almost wiped them out.
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About Classified Owl𝕊

Classified Owls is a collection of 3,333 unique 2D well-designed non-fungible tokens. Together with our community we will fly to Stashh, the first NFT-marketplace with native privacy and access control, built on Secret Network.

Each Owl is exclusive and unique based with several traits. Our objective is to build a strong community and project around NFTs. The reason that Classified Owls will fly to Stashh is because we secure privacy.

Collectors would like to see their NFT increase in value, for more information about this aspect you can fly over to our roadmap.

Classified Owl𝕊 Roadmap

  • Community Building

  • Once the Classified Owls had found their home on Stashh, they were not safe just yet. They needed to find protection, and they would only find that in the arms of a human. They now waited to be found, and for their humans to claim them. 3,333 Classified Owls are released onto the blockchain, when our story makes its beginning. As our story begins, we will start to build our community by flying over to Discord. Here, our holders will have the opportunity to become truly immersed in the collection by voting on our future movements. Initially, we will be introducing a voting system that will allow holders to decide which collections we collaborate with.
  • The Highest Flyers

  • Some of the Classified Owls were known to be more valuable than the others, so they decided to show their faces and accept their rule once more. At this stage we will be rewarding holders of Classified Owls with the rarest traits. These rewards will come in the form of exclusive giveaways, the details of which are yet to be announced.
  • Deflationary Mechanics

  • Not all of the Classified Owls found safety, leaving them exposed to another Hawk attack. Some were lost to this second attack, but it only made the Classified Owls stronger. The Classified Owls that are left on marketplaces will be purchased and burned from circulation at floor price. This will reduce the supply, and improve the value of the remaining Classified Owls. The mechanic will take place on a random day each month to ensure a continuous strengthening of the pack.
  • The Future

  • The story of the Classified Owls is not over yet. The Owls that survived the entire journey are regrouping, and preparing to take the war to the Hawks. It is up to you, our holders, to decide how the Owls will make their next move, and each one after that. The introduction for roadmap 2 will be heavily influenced by our community, so prepare yourself for war.


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