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CineFi Network

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Created using Figma
Blockchain solution for the audiovisual industry
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About CineFi Network

Events such as film festivals, premieres, online autographs & movie reflection sessions will keep the platform interactive for the audience while making sure that revenue is shared between contributors and creators that are willing to market their movie through CineFi.   The platform enables contributors (creators, curators, translators, users) to share the revenue of movies fairly thanks to blockchain-based smart contracts.   CineFi enables its community to interact with each other through the platform which facilitates and eases movie production, distribution, and exhibition processes.   Today, just like every other artwork, centralized companies involve movie processes before reaching their audience, which we believe is one of the biggest problems in the industry currently as these capitalist processes are affecting the industry more than every other art industry. Industrialization by these capitalist processes caused the artistic soul of movies to vanish and forced production firms to focus solely on populist film.

As a result of focusing solely on popular movies, an oligopoly has emerged in the film industry where big production companies dominated box office revenues, copyrights, and basically most of the entities involved in film production. This is another huge concern of ours as the creativities of movie creators are oppressed by the “authorities” and yet again, these “authorities” decide the contents of movies according to the demographics of the audience that the movie is planned to be distributed.

We, as CineFi Network, are quite confident about how blockchain technologies (NFT, DeFi) can change the film industry, just like it changed many other industries.

We believe that blockchain integration to the industry will positively impact the production processes of films, secure copyrights of all entities involved during the production, and allow everyone involved (even the audience) to have intellectual property rights so that they get lifelong passive revenues from movies.

To do all of these, CineFi will
  • tokenize creators’ content so does IP and revenue rights
  • use the power of the crowd to raise money to finance the production of content
  • exhibit content through CineFi’s content platform
  • distribute revenues fairly and transparently thanks to blockchain technology.

CineFi Network will be a pioneer in the 21st century to a holistic change and liberate the film industry globally.

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