CIA Protocol

CIA Protocol

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Created using Figma
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About CIA Protocol

Conspiracy aims to be THE option for private trading across all the combinating L1 blockchain networks. By combining the Automated Market Maker algorithm originally developed by Uniswap Labs, we are combining that with zk-SNARK technology to create a private AMM which ultimately increases the confidentiality of a participants trading activity, wealth and origins.

As well as providing the option for private trading, Conspiracy will allow projects or individuals to add liquidity for their pair to provide their holders the ultimate option for private trading. By supporting the dominating L1s with EVMs such as Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom, Moonriver etc. users will not have to experience any learning curve when using Conspiracy. By merging the AMM protocol with zk-SNARK tech, we’re able to create a privacy-based DEX where you’ll be able to privately and seamlessly exchange assets. In a nutshell, Conspiracy is a blend of Uniswap and Tornado Cash. 

Decentralized Privacy

The privacy of CEX trading without the centralised infrastructure. Retain ownership of your keys and still trade with wallet anonymity.

Privatized On-Chain

Trading on Conspiracy helps you keep your on-chain profits, losses, trades and history private. We believe your on-chain financial record should be private by default.

Avoid Wallet

Block explorers provide publicly available forensic microscopes into all of your on-chain activity. Trading with Conspiracy blurs the lense so you don't have to be conscious about your transfers.

Private Portal Into

Experience DeFi like DEX, yield farming, peer to peer lending, liqudity provision and more with private transactions. Conspiracy is an integrated AMM x ZK-SNARK protocol.

CIA Protocol Roadmap

  • First Line of Defence

  • Fair Launch on Uniswap

    Establish Strong Community Movement

    Contract Audit

    CoinMarketCap & CoinGecko Listings

    Whitepaper Release

    Launch of Strategic Marketing Initiatives

    CEX Listings
  • Gathering Intel

  • Previews of ‘Conspiracy’

    Be the First Community Based Movement to Incorporate ‘privacy’ into Utility

    Further CEX Listings

    Continuation of Community Growth

    Utility Partnerships

    Global Marketing & PR
  • Mission Center

  • Worldwide Notoriety

    Release of ‘Conspiracy’

    Tier 1 CEX Listings

    Merchant Website Integrations

    Fiat On/Off Ramp


30 Days Growth:
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30 Days Growth:

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