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Decentralized No-Limits Betting Platform
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About Chipzio

Chipz is a web-based sports gambling platform, where people can bet on different sporting events within betting rooms created by users. The initial platform launch will allow anybody to use the USDC stablecoin to participate in betting and payment of betting fees are guaranteed with smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain using Solidity’s APK. Chipz allows anybody the opportunity to facilitate a book or place bets on predictive pairs created by independent bookmakers. This document outlines the core mechanics and technical details for the Chipz Decentralized Betting Platform. Chipz as an intermediary service charges a low-cost fee for the creation of a book and a small part of winning payouts. Revenue is distributed to CHPZ holders and to the team to foster growth and further development. In order to participate in the platform users simply link their Ethereum noncustodial wallets to the platform and place betting amounts through the blockchain. User must have CHPZ tokens for the creation of the betting rooms if the user intends to host or be a dealer. The results of matches will be reported using APIs scanned by the Chipz platform and smart contract concluded by distributing the earnings

Chipzio Roadmap

  • Q3 2021

  • • Uniswap Listing
    • Coin Market Cap
    • Coingecko
    • Chipz Drive NFT Racing Marketplace
    • Lollapalooza Marketing
    • AMAs
    • DEXT Tools advertising
  • Q4 2021

  • • Betting Platform Launch
    • Beta of Chipz Drive Launch
    • Stake Farming
    • Token Swap
    • Airdrop to Betting Platform Users
    • Listing on major CEX
  • Q1 2022

  • • Full Features Chipz Platform released (BET ON ANYTHING)
    • Formal audit on all smart contracts
    • Chainlink Integration
    • Cross-chain technology
    • Marketing efforts in high-volume gambling arenas
  • Q2 2022

  • • Governance platform goes live
    • Announce casino partnerships
    • Announce partnerships with eSport partners
    • Expand from simple straight bets.

Chipzio Team

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Josh Thompson
Joab Garza
Justin Lally
Julian Andres Cuarta...
Senior Software Engineer
Felipe Marulanda
Fullstack Developer

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