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DeFi meets Memetocurrency for the next generation of social interactions.
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Sadly, you may not know this, Dogecoin is proof of work. Yes, it was created in the likes and image of bitcoin which was basically a novelty at that time with a lot of notable differences though. Did you know Dogecoin has no supply cap? Yes, it's an open ended supply meaning every minute, Dogecoin creates 10,000 doges. Did you also know in recent years, Doge has had a hard time plugging into DeFi? Why? It's because the Dogecoin was created in the likeness and image of its forerunner and godfather of cryptocurrency, the Bitcoin.
Enter Cheems™.
A stark difference to Dogecoin is that we're built for DeFi. And more! We have learned from the Doge and are not set to repeat its mistake. The future is always scaling, and resulting tech must scale with it. And the future, the future we see, is the inescapable union between payments and social interaction; specifically micropayments and Social Networks. Sorry to burst it to you, but Social Networks are only going to get bigger. They will change and vastly improve, still they are only going to get bigger. Why? Because Man is a social animal and the world is now a global village. Yeh, it's become that tiny, the hell, even Elon Musk is gunning for the stars! Think about it.


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