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The CheckDot platform is a essential checkpoint for the verification for any cryptocurrency project and more.
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About CheckDot

The goal of CheckDot is demonstrate the platforms commitment and transparent trustability with their users.
Blockchain applications have recently been exposed to a broader audience, giving rise to an ever-growing number of projects and applications.
For example, Blockchain-based real estate is already gaining popularity as a way for buyers[1], sellers, and investors to interact with each other and learn about properties. In that context, the demand for DeFi* transactions to be verified through human validation is increasing. However, Blockchain remains a relatively young project and carries risks. Many newcomers are looking for projects with the best potential but get fooled by malicious ones. As a result, they are missing a piece of information required to make the right decisions.
DeFi* is anonymous by nature, and anonymous reviews can ensure strategic exposure for maximum profitability.
This is where CheckDot comes in. We have been confronted with the lack of transparency of some projects for many years, and CheckDot has the ambition to be the first decentralized platform of opinions in various fields: Projects, companies, forms, ... etc. Furthermore, CheckDot makes it possible to create requests for advice or audits involving two layers* of advisors*.

CheckDot Roadmap

  • 7th May 2021

  • 2021 - Q1 - Q2
    CheckDot created. ✔Developing the web landing page with basic information about the services and releasing CheckDot’s Lite Paper. ✔Creating the web dashboard interface for highlighting the services. ✔Preparing the CDT contract to be deployed on the BSC main-net network for the project launch process. ✔Releasing an open-source GitHub repository for CheckDot. ✔
    2021 - Q3
    Deploying CDT token on the BSC main-net network. ✔Preparing the Decentralized Application on the Ropsten network for presenting project services. ✔Assessing the security of the CDT Token contract with QuillAudit. ✔Deploying Uniswap pool for the CheckDot Token with the Unicrypt presale.
    2021 - Q4
    Deploying the service of smart contract audit verification on the BSC main-net network. Token lists on more cryptocurrency exchanges to increase its value and liquidity. It targets five partner exchanges.CheckDot starts reaching out and establishing partnerships with other DeFi projects to integrate its services into their apps.
    2022 - Q1
    Adding DAO Governance over Aragon to vote on new services and updates of the project. Deploying the Business Verification service on the BSC main-net network.Releasing a page of NFT Trusted Businesses.
    2022 - Q2
    Deploying Rare Object and E-Document verification services on the BSC main-net network.Deploying Staking decentralized application on the BSC main-net network.Releasing Anonymous forms editor.
    2022 - Q3
    Deployment and publication of the decentralized forms Marketplace on the BSC main network.Developing an NFT marketplace for buying and selling the verified objects sellable.Preparing bridges for extending the project on multiple chains.


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CheckDot Team

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Jeremy GUYET
Chief Executive Officer
Kelyan Morfouesse
Chief Technical Officer


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Attention. There is a risk that unverified members are not actually members of the team

Nikita Kristov
Chief Growth Advisor

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