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Catgirl creates an in-depth entertainment platform consisting of digitally-engineered collectible Catgirls. Users can truly own Catgirls and verify their ownership on the blockchain. With customizable Catgirl NFTs coming soon to our Catgirl ecosystem, we will bring a multitude of ways to allow our users to express themselves.
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Catgirl Coin was officially launched on May 31st. Our team spent a lot of time brainstorming and researching what we could bring to the cryptocurrency market that other cryptocurrencies have not done before. That's when we realized that the NFT market is pretty much unaffected when it comes to anime related content. The world of anime is widely represented on the Internet, and the amount of fun and exciting content that we will offer is endless. That's why Catgirl was born and all our goals and dreams were put in place.     Since launching on May 31st, the Catgirl team has been working with talented artists, voice actors, and popular music creators to create a well-known brand. Since then, our community has grown rapidly. On October 21, we are launching our new website and decentralized application. This announcement showed how much the community supports Catgirl Coin, the charts are growing, and new users from all over the world are arriving to experience the CATGIRL, The Nekoverse ecosystem. What Catgirl aims to be:
  • Beautiful NFT Artwork by our top-tier selected artists: We take our time to select only professional and talented artists, to ensure that our NFTs are top-notch.
  • An NFT platform that is sustainable in the long term: By applying the latest blockchain technology, combined with the popularity of the anime world, we aim to create an entertaining platform that can generate a large stream of benefits and entertainment for its users.
  • Sponsoring anime conventions, exhibitions, or publications: We plan to contribute and create even better brand awareness by participating in public anime-related events.


  • Q3 - 2021

  • Partnership with talented artists
    Develop Smart Contract for Original Catgirls
    Release Dapp and New Website - OCT 21st
    Mystery Box Public Sale - OCT 21st
    Start Catgirl Season 1 - OCT 21st
  • Currently working on

  • Release LP Staking and $PAW
    Release NFT Farming
  • Upcoming features

  • Release NFT Marketplace
    Explore the Gaming Mechanism
    Develop Smart contract for Catgirl Customizable character
    Develop Smart contract for Catgirl Wearables


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30 Days Growth:
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30 Days Growth:


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