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Catfee Labs

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About Catfee Labs

About Catfee Labs

A team of talented members from all over the world working together to create the world of Metaverse Catfee. The talented members of the team are Game, Blockchain, Technology and Marketing experts who work closely together with an endless passion to create a fascinating and exciting Catfee metaverse future.

We share the belief that technology can make life better, more engaging and enjoyable. 

Catfee Club

Catfee Labs is building the Catfee Club ecosystem, a really cool, exciting metaverse. Where you not only have a piece of art in your collection, a real NFT can bring more value and open up a new world. Now an NFT is not only valuable in terms of art and culture, but also continuously opens up more benefits as the ecosystem grows.

That is why owning an Catfee NFT in the long run will receive more added value, not only receiving tokens but also an opportunity to receive more NFTs, participate in events, incentives when buying New products in the ecosystem…

Catfee Games

Games are a very important part of the world today in general and Catfee Metaverse in particular. We choose Games as an application to express the worldview of Catfee Metaverse - a colorful, fun world that brings a lot of fun to everyone.

Combined with the development of Blockchain and NFT technology, we hope to break down existing barriers in current game products, connect with different life fields, explore the new potential of game products that has not been achieved before. Of course, we always keep the motto and concept: when building game products, they must be products that bring true entertainment to users. That will always be the core of the games in the Catfee Metaverse.

Catfee DAO

Our vision is to build a metaverse ecosystem, where products, games that the community really enjoy playing, and especially can contribute from the early stages, design.

The goal is to focus on values where pleasure is key. You will really enjoy playing, you can contribute as a member of the DAO. The only way for you to vote as a member of the DAO community is by owning tokens.

Metaverse Catfee

Web 3 and Metaverse are in their infancy. There is much more land for the creation of art, culture, fashion, lifestyle and even items that are co-developed between the real world and the metaverse.

Catfee Labs is focusing on building a Catfee ecosystem, starting with CatfeeStory and many exciting things are waiting. Although visionary, and growing, we are open to hearing initiatives and input from community members. Welcome to CatfeeClub.


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