Caspian token

Caspian token

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
The Caspian project is a comprehensive project for creating and launching the Caspian blockchain, wallet and swap.
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About Caspian token

We have created two tokens on the tron network, the Caspian token (a trc20 token Called CAS) and the Caspian Fuel token (a trc10 token called CASF). We had round 1 airdrop for the CASF token and soon we will launch round 2.

After that we will design and create the Caspian Wallet, a cross-platform wallet supporting different blockchain’s coins and tokens.

Then we will create the Caspian Blockchain. The Caspian blockchain will be applicable in all economic and financial activities including gaming industry, money transfers and banking activities, large industrial projects and entertainment industry and so on.

Easy in-game purchases

The Caspian blockchain can facilitate the in-game purchases and in-game asset transfer between games and Protect gamers from hackers.

In oil and gas industry the Caspian can be used for money transaction even retail transactions like payments at gas stations, trading of petrochemical products, data security of the oil and gas contracts and etc

After that will be create the Caspian swap. Our users can easily buy and sell tokens and coins of the Caspian blockchain and the other blockchains at the lowest cost. The transaction fee for the Caspian coin will be zero.

Why Caspian ? 1. Zero fee  

The Transaction Fee for Caspian Coin is Zero. The transaction Costs of Caspian coin will be paid by the founding team.

  2. A great platform for smart contracts  

It is possible to develop smart contracts in the Caspian network using Solidity and other programming languages like Java and so. Token issuance fees will lower than previous platforms.

  3. Real privacy  

In the Caspian network, Users cannot see the details of others’ transactions and wallets. You can see only the funds in your wallet.

  4. Suitable platform for fund  

transfer in various industries, Since Caspian transactions are fast and private, it can be used in various industries like gaming, entertainment, oil and gas, transportation, construction and so.

Caspian generalities    

Gaming industry

  •  Facilitate the process of making, launching and preparing games
  • buy in-game assets with the Caspian blockchain’s coin and tokens easily
  • Players will really own in-game assets and tokenize and store these tokens in Caspian Wallet.
  • transfer in-game assets between different games and trade them
  • Protect gamers from hackers

Oil and gas industries

  • Money transaction and trading of petrochemical products and payments at gas stations and etc.
  • application of Smart contract in oil and gas mega projects
  • Increase data security of the oil and gas industry and reduce the risk of cyber attacks


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