Casino Farm Coin

Casino Farm Coin

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Welcome to Casino Farm the First NFT Game without a ponzi economy!
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Aug 1, 2022
Aug 3, 2022
100% completed
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Cap 4.00
Hard cap 8.00
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Platform, Casino & Gambling

About Casino Farm Coin

Our economy is largely based on creating a source of income outside of the game

The goal is to have a cryptocurrency ($CFC) that is part of the project to pay some fees that will be necessary to play the project and withdraw your money, each purchase/sale of the currency will have a small commission that will go directly to the game pool, the game has an independent reward pool in BUSD, one of the strongest stable-coin that exists. This pool will not be negatively affected by the state of the cryptocurrency ($CFC).

All game expenses (marketing, development, raffles, etc) will be paid with the cryptocurrency ($CFC) and being only in BUSD the reward pool allows us to ensure that investors will have every last dollar they put in, and of course not a single NFT will be given away.

We have a token governance system that will allow investors to decide on the decisions made by the team. 

Why invest in Casino Farm?

We are in front of one of the NFT projects with the best economy that exists, we are talking about going from games with ponzi or pyramid systems to a project that will have a strong amount of external income.

The team like you we are investors in the world of cryptos and we have fallen into many scams and games that boasted of having many or the best economists and then remained ponzis and to top it off they were not able to return the ROI to people who entered the project on day one, We are passionate about the BlockChain world and we are frustrated that the crypto world and more specifically NFT games are negatively affected by all these junk projects that have caused large companies to cancel their projects and many investors who have fled the world for losing their money in these games and that is why we want to try to contribute our bit to this world and show that you can do profitable things and not everything is going to be scams. Our goal is not only to make a NFT game, is to create a community and go climbing in increasingly ambitious projects.

Casino Farm Coin Roadmap

  • Phase 1

  • Development of the project (social networks, web and whitepaper).
    Translation of the game
    Marketing in the Hispanic community 06/22
    Marketing to other communities 06/22 - 07/22
    Launch of token 07/22
    Staking launch 07/22
  • Phase 2

  • Launch of the game 08/22
    Development and launching of the second cryptocurrency 09/22 - 10/22

Casino Farm Coin Last News

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