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Cannerald is a swiss based medical cannabis research and production company which was registered in July 2018. Cannergrow is a project founded by Cannerald which combines professional cultivation with an easy to use cryptocurrency. As the first token with real value in the form of back-uped plants, CannerGrow is the first and so far only Crypto project in the Cannabis industry.
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May 20, 2019
May 20, 2019
100% completed
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About CannerGrow


With its own plants in various locations in different countries, CannerGrow operates internationally and makes use of the various regulations and laws of the respective countries.

The cannabis market continues to develop at an ever faster pace and after years of propaganda and prohibition it is now increasingly socially acceptable again.

As so often in recent times, the American continent set the trend this time, with Uruguay becoming the first country to fully legalize cannabis.

After the legalization in California and Canada, the wave also spread to Europe, where Switzerland with the highest legal THC content is the pioneer.

More and more people want to participate from the Cannabis industry and grow by themselfs and find out that the three main problems are:

Strict regulations: Every country have different laws and in most of the countries the law is even obscure.

High financial risk: To start your own professional cannabis production you have to start with at least a few million Euro.

Lack of know how: Every plant have to be special treated. From the irrigation- and light system to the final sales it is necessary to have a deep knowledge.

CannerGrow is launching a Plant | Token Sale.

With Cannergrow Tokensale, every one will be able to participate from this billion dollar Market.

In our facilities, we are able to produce cannabis in premium quality.

Numerous other factors play a role here, such as high-quality lighting, precisely calculated ventilation or ideal irrigation, as well as many other things.

At these locations, we use equipment in our plantations with which we can gain an international advantage over other competitors.

The token, which not only appears as a credit in the account but can also be resold or kept on the private crypto-wallet, secures the claim for a participation in the profit of the plants for you.

It was never easier to getting started professional, in the cannabis industry.

Technical Info

Cannergrow is planning a Plant | Token sale with a hard cap of 17.5 M EUR.

The Token will be an ERC-20 Smart Contract Token on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Every 100 Token are backed up with 1 Plant (50.000. Plants | 5.000.000 Token).

The profit of the plants will be split by all token holders and the company 50 | 50.

Given your satisfaction with Cannergrow, we offer a non-binding possibility to earn additional income by reffering our products.

We provide an Unilevel Compensation Plan which is paying you up to 10% of your partners Plants/Token within your first 5 levels.

Furthermore we offer you a Residual Income Bonus wich is paying you up to 10% bonus within your first 5 levels.

In our Unilevel Compensation Plan we pay you in total 10% on your first 5 levels.

This means you get every time commission if someone buy Plants/Token.

In your first level you will earn 5% of the total amount of buyed Plants/Token. In your second to fifth level you will get another 5%.

You will receive the commission instantly after someone buyed a plant.

To be qualified to earn commissions from the Unilevel Compensation Plan you have to own at least 1 Plant/100 Token.

See the following graphic for more details.

The Residual Income Bonus give you the opportunity to build a residual income thru marketing activity.

In total you can earn 20% in your first 5 levels. In your first level you will earn 10% of the total profit of your partners from your firstline. In your second to fifth level you will get another 10%.

You will receive the commission instantly after the profit share of the Plants/Token. To be qualified to earn commissions from the Residual Income Bonus you have to own at least 1 Plant/100Token.


In your firstline you sold 1.000 plants/ 100.000 Token.

Per grow this give an approximate profit for your partners of 5.000€ wich they can withdraw.

In your firstline you get 10% residual bonus of 5.000 € wich will be 500€ for you only from your firstline.



CannerGrow Team

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Maik Pietrowski
Co-Founder Cannerald
Levin Amweg
Co-Founder Cannerald
Severin Amweg
Co-Founder Cannerald
Sascha Wäschle
Co-Founder Cannerald
Fabian Eder
Sergej Michel
Oliver Ledermann
Stefan Amweg
Management Consultant

CannerGrow Interviews

Levin Amweg
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
I am one of the Co-Founders of CannerGrow. It started as a side project of our It company MSL Industries back in 2017 and we are ready to launch it on 20.05.2019 together with a great community.
What do you think about idea?
We always had the idea that everybody should be able to own a cannabis plant over the internet, with our invention this is now possible.
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