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Caliente Network LLC

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A new Metaverse and content creation platform, is announcing its upcoming Initial Coin Offering (ICO) which will be held on August 18th. The new rising all-purpose BSC marketplace with a fully functioning ecosystem already made and ready to use. The goal of the Caliente Network is to connect Blockchain Smart Contracts and the revolutionary CryptoCurrency market with content creators, and brands of all kinds. NSFW is welcomed! We aim to use Caliente Network to counter chargeback costs, reduce fees, and remove censorship from creators, providing 100% anonymity to bring control and power back to creator's hands. The Caliente Network will have its own native token EL CALIENTE. The virtual world created by the Caliente Network, Caliente.World will have EL CALIENTE as its official currency which will then be used within the ecosystem as well as outside the ecosystem.
Aug 18, 2021
Sep 1, 2021
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About Caliente Network LLC

 Our vision is to build an entirely new world for the next level of content creation, communication, e-commerce, and entertainment - a new place you can call home. ”Caliente” is the Spanish term for “Hot.” Our network will provide you with all the necessary tools to create whatever you desire. You will be able to exceed your own expectations. We will allow creators and users alike to produce and participate in anything they wish, such as creating virtual avatars, competitions, live streams, podcasts, environments, games, studios, events, campaigns, exhibitions, art and so much more.

What your imagination craves you will be able to create with our immersive technologies! 

On our network, creators will be able to produce anything they can imagine and make it an ultimate immersive experience for their audiences!

Our team plans to pave the way with our own avatars in this new world to showcase and develop this technology. With privacy becoming more and more of a concern, the potential benefits and uses of avatars in blockchain are endless and exciting. Their avatars would not only produce content for them but also live a life of their own and even interact with fans!

We want to end the unfair treatment to all creators globally of all niches and ensure that creators can produce protected and tailored content and brand their work for a price that suits consumers' preferences, and most importantly their own as a creator. By doing this, the price of original and customized content will be within the reach of most consumers while at the same time serving as a mechanism to reward creators with higher payouts!


The Caliente Network comes with a host of unique platforms and features no other network has launched with. Those include: 

Caliente.Store: The main E-Commerce platform for all the products of Caliente Network. Where digital/physical assets are made to make money for creators.

Calientes.Live: Soon to launch platform, allows creators that are censored to start monetizing from the comfort of their home. With zero lines of code you can sell merchandise and goods, stream your content and earn from your live performances.

Caliente.Market: A new kind of gig economy for everyone. We won’t turn away the NSFW Hot Content most competing gig spaces refuse.

Caliente.Me: Where creators go to build their brand and reach the masses.

Calientes.Me: Calientes provides a free ground for artistic expression, engaging in a no censorship policy for its creators. The law is the only limit.

Caliente.Luxury: For the finest crafters of the finest goods. This platform caters to all tastes, including the highest grade.

Caliente.NFT: The newest craze of digital goods, making money trading and minting rare NFTs and assets. Collect, trade or design new ones here first.

Caliente.Charity: A hub for all charitable activity, as Caliente Network dedicates itself to creating a positive impact on the world, online and offline.

Caliente.World: A fully interactive digital space. This interactive virtual reality world within a world.

Caliente.Academy:  A series of courses that offer strategies/techniques for all creators interested in elevating their brand, and content to new heights.

Caliente Network LLC Roadmap

  • 2021 – Q3

  • Main Token (EL CALIENTE) Contract
    Deployed on Binance Chain Network
    • NFT Token (CALIENTE.NFT) Contract
    Deployed on Binance Chain Network
    • Caliente Network Roadmap is alive and kicking
    • Presale Start Date: 18 Aug 2021, End Date:
    Reaching Hardcap or after 14 days
    • Official Token Launch, Welcome to a New
    2021 – Q3
    • Application for Audits and Coin Listing Applied (CMC,
    Coin gecko, Coinhunt,etc.)
    • Marketing, Partnerships, Campaigns, Content
    Competitions and Giveaways
    • Caliente.Market Launch - Freelance Marketplace
    (Open Beta)
    • Caliente.Store Launch - E-Commerce hub
    (Open Beta)
    • Caliente Network Merch Launch
  • 2021 – Q4

  • Caliente.World Virtual World Website Beta launch
    • Calientes (+18) Website Beta Launch (Cams, Live,
    Marketplace) / NSFW Adult Content Creator
    • Partnerships
    • NFT MarketPlace - Caliente (non NSFW) – Beta
    • Caliente.Luxury Launch - Luxury goods, assets and
    investments hub
    2021 – Q4
    • Caliente.Academy Launch - Expert Course/Learning Hub
    • NFT MarketPlace - Caliente (NSFW) – Beta
    • Caliente Social Mobile Application Beta is launched.
    • Audit Applications and Initial Listings are completed.
    • Caliente Festival Event - Miami / Las Vegas
    • Campaigns, Content Competitions, Giveaways
  • 2022 – Q1

  • Caliente Social Mobile Application VR/AR Beta
    is launched.
    • 3 Major Exchange Listings Completed (USA,
    Europe, Asia)
    • Caliente Social Mobile Application officially
    • NFT MarketPlace - Caliente (non-NSFW)
    Launch / Caliente Exclusive NFT's Launch
    2022 – Q1
    • NFT MarketPlace - Caliente (NSFW) Launch /
    Caliente Exclusive NFT's Launch
    • Calientes Event - Las Vegas Caliente CES
    Booth and Events
    • Caliente VR Creator / Studio Partnerships
  • 2022 – Q2

  • Caliente Social Mobile Application VR/AR officially
    is launched.
    • Caliente World VR Event - Live Concert and Shows
    • Caliente.ME (part of Network) Launchpad Beta
    Launch is Live
    • Caliente.Studios (part of Network) Beta Launch
    is Live
    2022 – Q2
    • Caliente.Food (part of Network) Beta Launch
    is Live
    • Calientes Asia Event Singapore/Thailand
    • Caliente VR Creator / Studio Partnerships
    • Caliente.Charity Event / Exclusive NFT's


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