Cake Monster

Cake Monster

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
A hyper-deflationary and elastic supply token that has unique reserve and reward mechanisms featuring an automated hybrid monetary policy.
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About Cake Monster

DeFi tokens (Decentralized Finance Tokens) are financial applications that run on blockchains and mirror concepts that have been successfully used in traditional banking and finance. The key idea is to recreate financial services in a decentralized way without a third party, such as a bank, intervening. Instead, trust is placed in written code (smart contract) that is deployed on a blockchain network and allows interest to be earned, loans to be obtained or (synthetic) assets to be traded, and more, without relying on a third party. If holders of a typical DeFi token want to earn high interest on staking or yield platforms, they typically have to expose themselves to several risks, such as loss of control over holdings, insecure/badly written smart contracts, and extremely volatile market conditions, coupled with an immature token economy whose value is only supported by its own underlying token and its experimental utility. In most cases, the applied monetary policy does not allow for sustainability or longevity of these projects, creating a bubble that will inevitably implode due to its corrupt and inflexible nature. In addition, the associated gas costs and the numerous transactions/interactions that end users must initiate along the way make this system error-prone and expensive. These inefficiencies ensure that the general public cannot be effectively reached due
to low accessibility, high financial risks, and general fear factors (e.g., crypto project fraud rates, unregulated markets).
 The introduction of frictionless revenue generation has opened up DeFi to a wider audience, as it simplifies most user interactions via automated logic and rewards holders by passing a small portion of the protocol tax to all holders of the specific token, while another tax portion seeks to preserve token value via deflationary measures such as token burning. But the problems that remain are the overall profitability and fair distribution of rewards, the insufficiently maintained sustainability and stability of the protocol's ecosystem (implosion/monopolization), and the inability to update the smart contract logic and the lack of an advanced and well-executed marketing strategy aimed at achieving mass adoption through high, fast, and low-cost accessibility of the project. Cake Monster proposes a solution that combines the benefits of perpetual, easily accessible and profitable rewards for all with a smart and complex monetary solution
that allows the protocol to stay healthy in all market conditions, where inelastic fixedsupply tokens are vulnerable to shocks. In addition, there is a memeable artwork design, an upgradable contract, and an overly ambitious, dedicated, and wellconnected team. Supporting many investment strategies, Cake Monster is a credible financial tool for holders and traders alike and can be used, for example, as a hedge
or simple speculation for short, medium, and long-term strategies.


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