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The First Islam Compliant Cryptocurrency

Public Sale III (2021, june 16 - October 31) $10.45

About Caizcoin

Caizcoin is aimed to be the bridge between centralized & decentralized finance and is using Caizchain; a private decentralized blockchain which is dedicated to Caiz Ecosystem. Caizcoin aims to help people transfer money easily all around the world while offering variety of payment solutions in compliance with the Islamic finance rules.

Why Caizcoin?


Caizchain is a private decentralized blockchain. Most stand out features of the Caizchain are Security, Lower fees & Transaction Speed. It takes 0-3 seconds on Caizchain to process and confirm a transaction. Caizchain is transparent by design so everything is verifiable.


CaizDefi is a decentralized solution that is in compatible with Islamic finance. It gives users to a control and visibility over their investments. Also gives an exposure to global markets and alternatives to users' local currency or banking option. Most stand out features of CaizDefi are;

Your Money is held digitally instead of a bank.
Transfer Money in a blink of an eye.


CaizWallet is one of the core fragments of Caiz Ecosystem. It is protected by an advanced security technology which ensures the total protection of the data and the details in the wallet. It is unbreachable by any third party. Allow users to view the history and current state of the caiz ledger and to sign and submit transactions.


CaizScan is the portal to Caizchain data to see real-time data, transactions, validators, accounts and other on-chain activity.

CaizScan offers maximum transparency to users and helps them view all their transactions.

Key Highlights

Caizcoin stands out with its transparency, security and fast transaction speed features along with being the:

  • First Islam Compliant Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Technology.
  • Cost-efficient international money transfers.
  • Blockchain-based financial solution that is compliant with Islamic financial principles.
  • Has its own ‘Ecosystem’ that offers financial freedom for investors all around the World.

Sale Details

Asset Caizcoin (CAIZ)
Blockchain Ethereum - ERC20
Tokens Offered 999,999,999 Caizcoins
Sale Time
Tokens distributed Immediately as payment is made
Funding methods Presale, sale, online sale, private sale
Maximum Circulation Supply for 2022 149,999,999

Product to Market Roadmap

Caizcoin Team

Hamdi Küçüktepe

Chairman of the Board

Naim Mirzada

Head of Software Development

Steffen Rieger

Head of Business Development

A.Cihan Kestir


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