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The First Islamic Compliant Cryptocurrency

Public Sale III (2021, june 16 - October 31) $10.45

About Caizcoin

Caizcoin is the first Islamic decentralized blockchain and powerful ecosystem that help to transfer money between people all around the world in compliance with the Islamic Finance rules.

Why Caizcoin?

Blockchain technology

The Caizcoin system integrates Blockchain technology to provide unique identities for Waqf and Zakat Blockchain

Anonymous for all users

Use a crypto wallet for hassle-free payments all around the world without being identified

Global ecosystem

We create a global decentralized multifunctional currency system

Reliable system and financial security

We present an efficient global system that covers all aspects while providing the best data security

Key Highlights

Decentralized finance is now
accessible for everybody

  • Crypto token compliant to the Islamic financial standards
  • No business with companies that are active in areas such as arms, tobacco, adult industry, alcohol, or pork industry.
  • Use of wallets and exchanges compliant to Islamic Finance standards.
  • Credit lines complying with Islamic ethics.
  • Project financing conforming to Islamic norms.
  • Potential to reach up to 162 trillion USD in global banking assets and investments.
  • Easy investment in Islamic platform for investment catalog (state directives, shares, property, funds and others)

Sale Details

Asset Caizcoin (CAIZ)
Blockchain Ethereum - ERC20
Tokens Offered 999,999,999 Caizcoins
Sale Time
Tokens distributed Immediately as payment is made
Lockup Q4 2021
Funding methods Presale, sale, online sale, private sale
Minimum 8Mio €
Maximum 40Mio €
Tokens in circulation > than 32Mio

Caiz Economics

Product to Market Roadmap

Caizcoin Team

Hamdi Küçüktepe


Naim Mirzada

Head of Software Development

Steffen Rieger

Head of Business Development

A.Cihan Kestir

CEO of Turkey and Middle-East

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