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Butterfly Finance aims to bring people closer to DeFi in a simple and understandable way. DeFi (decentralized finance) infrastructure is quite complex and most people don’t have the time or the necessary prior knowledge to act safe and effective. This is where Butterfly Finance comes in. BFLY is working on an automated all-in-one app designed to help people invest in farming projects without the risk of losing money due to the human factor and always have an overview of how safe and profitable their cryptocurrencies are. In addition, the app will include an NFT trading & auction platform, as well as an educational platform where all these topics will be explained in professional videos.
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ButterflyBFLY Roadmap


  • Setting up token contract on Binance-Smart-Chain.
    Setting up social media channels.
    Building initial community through marketing.
    Listing-announcement on official Azbit channels.
    Seed-sale to private community

  • Launching website and pre-sale launchpad.
    Pre-sale to community members.
    eavy marketing for listing day.
    Listing BFLY-token on Azbit crypto exchange.

  • Starting Butterfly Finance farming-projects. (Initially on the website then on the app)
    Large-scale marketing to grow Butterfly Finance community.
    Official listing-announcement on a top-20 crypto exchange.
    First trailer and sneak-peak of the app.

  • Adding Ethereum-chain (ERC20) to BFLY-token.
    Adding farming-projects to BFLY-ERC20-token.
    Official listing-announcement on a top-tier cryptoexchange
    Large-scale marketing for the top-tier listing.
    Listing on a top-tier crypto exchange.
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  • Coming soon with the final version whitepaper…

  • Listing BFLY-token on a top-20 crypto exchange.
    Strategic-sale with minimal possible effect on token price. (As a funds procurement for app development)
    Releasing the beta app and BFLY-token airdrop for beta testers (Initially only for storing BFLY-token and using farming-projects)
    Releasing NFT trading platform. (Initially on the website then on the app)
    Adding more functions on the app.
    Implementing the calculation formula to the app and farming projects, previously analyzed and checked by our team.
    Adding full automated farming for different in-app tiers.

  • Marketing for official app-release.
    Releasing official Butterfly Finance IOS and Android app.
    Producing professional videos for the in-app education platform.
    Releasing in-app education platform.
    Releasing final version whitepaper.
    Starting trading competitions with huge airdrops.

ButterflyBFLY Last News

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