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BullsOverBears is a community-driven project created to overcome this bear market.
$BULLS is more than just a BEP20 token. It is a complex ecosystem designed to raise while others are falling.
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Pre Sale
Aug 18, 2022
Aug 19, 2022
100% completed
Raised funds - no Data
Cap 15.00
Hard cap 20.00
Token Details
Total supply
10 000 000
Additional Details


Massive Rewards
BullsOverBears platform offers a variety of passive income options presented in a form of different staking pools. While staking $BULLS users gets higly-lucrative $BULLS or $BNB staking rewards. To get maximum profits out of the project we advice users to not only hold $BULLS token, but also stake it for passive rewards.

NFT Collection

250 BULLS NFT cards will be issued on BullsOverBears platform. Unlike other projects, BULLS NFTs will have a real utility from day one of platfrom launch: NFT owners will get an access to the most profitable staking pool on BullsOverBears platform. In such way, NFT owners will get more massive rewards and multiply their ernings compared to regular stakers. This feature will make BULLS NFTs attractive to long-term $BULLS investors.

$BULLS Community Power

United we stand, divided we fall! Any project is worth nothing without the community behind it. Those who are ready to work and fight together can overcome any obstacles on thier way to success. Come join us and let’s beat the hell out of these Bears!

BULLS Roadmap

  • Roadmap

  • Project idea development
    Website Launch
    BULLS NFT Launch
    BULLS NFT Giveaway
    BULLSOVERBEARS Platform Launch
    GemPad KYC Procedure
    Public Sale Whitelist Competition
    GemPad Public Sale Event
    $BULLS Listing & Staking
    Roadmap v2.0 release

BULLS Last News

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