Bukele Token

Bukele Token

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
Decentralized community driven project that gives holders passive rewards, automatically adds to liquidity and raises funds for charity using Bitcoin.
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Token Distribution
No one can ever mint more BukeleTokens. Upon launch, 50% of the supply will be added to liquidity, whereas the remaining 50% will be sent to the burn address.
-4% fee of each transaction is auto added to liquidity pool and will be locked creating an ever increasing price floor.
-4% fee auto-distributed to all holders.
-2% fee added to charity wallet donated to charity organizations in el salvador.
-100% of liquidity provider tokens (LP Tokens) have been sent to the burn address.
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About Bukele Token

Bukele Token is made to reward holders and give charity to the poor people of developing nations Bukele Token is a CryptoCurrency that automatically increases its liquidity, gives passive rewards to holders, and brings an altruistic aspect as it gives out donations to community-voted organizations in El Salvador.   Bukele Token is a decentralized crypto project inspired by Nayib Bukele that aims to power a stronger financial system in the developing world!

Our goal is to encourage and empower the people to take finance and their future into their own hands, much like Bukele has done by taking the giant step of being the first country to legalize Bitcoin.
Bukele Token aims to demonstrate the potential of alternative financial solutions, provide services to markets that are largely overlooked and underserved in developing nations such as micro and small capital businesses, freelancers, etc.

Inspiration & Charity Inspiration   

In the midst of an uncertain market, it seems we may have found Saylor 2.0, in the heart of the American continent, there is an ambitious, young, visionary president; Nayib Bukele.

Nayib’s move has opened the floodgates of crypto for CountryWide Adoption, his move has sure moved a needle and given a push to many other countries that may have thought of legalizing Bitcoin but being too afraid to be the first movers.


BukeleToken has been inspired by Bukele’s moves and will therefore have a 2% charity tax that will go towards a chosen charity inside El Salvador and will be paid in Bitcoin.

The community will be able to propose different charities and the funds will go out at the end of every week to the community’s chose charity.


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