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About Bubble Fong Friends

Our Story
Baby Shark BubbleFong Friends is inspired by the classic arcade-puzzle games that have stood the test of time.
We started this project with the ultimate goal and mission of pioneering the popularization and generalization of Play-to-Earn (P2E) through Baby Shark BubbleFong Friends. We aim to provide a new-generation gaming experience to our players by combining both modern and classic gaming genres so all types of players can enjoy Baby Shark BubbleFong Friends together.
After much deliberation on the project’s values, intended service direction, and ultimate goal, we decided on four core missions to help guide us on our development path for Baby Shark BubbleFong Friends.
Core Missions
1. Develop a game that anyone can easily play and enjoy:
The popular classic-arcade game genre was chosen in order to provide players with fun and engaging gameplay as well as to lower the level of game understanding needed to succeed in the game. Baby Shark BubbleFong Friends is a combination of the classic ‘bubble-shooter’ game style and the recently popularized Battle Royale game style. Both have proven their longevity, and a combination of the two will maximize players' fun and excitement while also lowering the skill and knowledge barrier for gameplay as much as possible.

2. Integrate an IP with global recognition:
The two IPs of ‘Pinkfong’ and ‘Baby Shark’, which have achieved global recognition and high brand value, were applied to the game in collaboration, and the relationships between the characters have also been reflected and implemented in Baby Shark BubbleFong Friends. The YouTube dance video of these characters still remains the most viewed video on YouTube, and videos featuring these characters have accumulated over 55 billion views in total. Additionally, the IP was awarded twice at the 'Toy of the Year’ awards ceremony, which is also known as the 'Oscars of the toy industry.'

3. Provide a service that players can enjoy anytime, anywhere:
We believe the game should be accessible to play on any platform. So in order to maximize the number of potential players, Baby Shark BubbleFong Friends was developed to be playable not only on mobile devices, but also on PC, TV, and gaming consoles. Additional preparations for a variety of platform services are already underway. This game provides the first multi-platform service for any P2E game.

4. Develop strategies for long-term service and relevance:
Baby Shark BubbleFong Friends plans to embrace modern esports culture to preserve its relevance in the gaming industry. The game’s adaptation to a competitive atmosphere has already been proven through successfully hosting an esports competition at G-STAR 2021, South Korea’s largest gaming exhibition. Additionally, Baby Shark BubbleFong Friends has been selected as a featured game during the World Esports League 2022 (WSL).
We plan to establish an official esports league by holding global competitions for prize money in the future.
To summarize, we aim to popularize the P2E game model by providing a multi-platform game service that is easy to play and learn, whose IP and story can be recognized by anyone, anywhere, and is built to be relevant for a very long time in both the casual and competitive gaming scenes.


Bubble Fong Friends Roadmap

  • 2022 Q1

  • Selected as an Official World Esports League (WSL) Game
  • Q2

  • NFT Pre-Sale
    1st Beta Test (Closed)
  • Q3

  • 2nd Beta Test (Open)
    Console Device Launch
    WSL Global Esports Tournament Opening
  • Q4

  • Content Release: Story Mode
  • Read More
  • 2023 First Half

  • Content Release: Story Mode Season
    Content Release: Rogue-like Game Mode
    Implementation of DAO Community (Club, Party)
  • Second Half

  • Content Release: Raid and Special Modes
    Governance Configuration
    Open Community Treasury
    Open Staking Service

Bubble Fong Friends Last News

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