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BRN Metaverse

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Metaverse connects metaverse with infrastructures powered by our token. Connecting these bridges happens through the game we develop, the stake platform we code, and the Nft Marketplace. BRN Metaverse is a technology and token project that offers innovations in the fields of Metaverse, Web 3, GameNFT & GameFI, produced on Binance Smart Chain by an idealistic and powerful team.
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About BRN Metaverse

Players in Online Stores, existing on the Marketplace in the Game, will be examining how the items they will buy look in battles or on avatars, how they are used, every detail from the color to the shape in 3D by using 3D catalogues. Avatars in BRNGame, which is assisted with artificial Intelligence(Al) and machine learning, analyzes and learns the in-game routine for a week of the players. In that way, avatars can maintain acquired routine works by themselves when players are not in the game.

BRN Token, intending to be on the Foundation of Metaverse Ecosystem, is being shaped around a Universe Project for investors which is ready to be explored, unique and is to be created by totally its users. BRN Token, which opens the gate of the Metaverse to its investors with the game it will create, aims to connect the world we live into the Metaverse Universe with the tech company it will found. By using wearable technologies with the development of the ecosystem established in the game, BRN Token investors and players are able to transfer their emotions in the real world into a virtual world with their self-created unique avatars.

They can feel everything taken place in the game also in the real life with the help of wearable technologies. For example; when you use wearable technologies, which are produced by using integrated systems, you will be able to experience the weather changes in the game with the help of receptors on your skin in the real life in Metaverse. This is only an example in order for you to understand more easily. There is no limit of the innovations ahead.

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