Brave Frontier Heroes Global

Brave Frontier Heroes Global

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
New Blockchain Game, BFH. 38M downloaded RPG “BRAVE FRONTIER” meets with No.1 Blockchain Game “My Crypto Heroes”
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About Brave Frontier Heroes Global

What is Brave Frontier Heroes?

BFH is the crossover of the extremely successful mobile game BRAVE FRONTIER and the no.1 blockchain game My Crypto Heroes*. It combines the proven gameplay of BRAVE FRONTIER with the proven game economy of My Crypto Heroes.

The innovation: By playing the game, you will own BRAVE FRONTIER characters (Units) and weapons (Spheres) as digital assets, secured by blockchain technology. This allows you to freely buy and sell those assets to others, or even use them in other games.

We're creating a world where your time and passion will become your assets.


The souls of heroes and monsters from long ago. They all have their own elemental affinity and Brave Burst, which is a special attack.


The energy of living things and objects in a crystallized form. Units can equip Spheres to become more powerful or obtain more skills.


A chosen few who have the power to open Lucius's Gate. They use their summoning abilities to call ancient heroes into battle.


Our blockhain network that was constructed through distributor applications (DApps) and smart contracts. The cryptocurrency that we use on this platform is called Ether (ETH). In Japan, "Ethereum" is used to refer both to the blockchain network, and to the cryptocurrency used within it.


NFT is a valuable (unique) digital asset, stored on the blockchain. You can trade ZEL at the market, or trade your assets by using ethereum. In BFH, Units and Spheres (except Novice) are NFT.


A service players can use to store their blockchain assets safely (GO!BFH, BFH App, metamask etc.).


A blockchain network that allows you to buy and sell units and spheres for the price of gas, which is cheaper than Ethereum. It is currently set as the default network in Brave Frontier Heroes.


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