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Crypto services provider targeting Africa.
Risk: Very High
Jul 15, 2017
Aug 14, 2017
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Platform, Cryptocurrency, Business services


The Bolenum platform

Bolenum is a cryptocurrency and financial services provider targeting the African continent for a start and then expanding globally. Our platform provides secured and simple means of sending, receiving and exchanging money of all forms. It shall currently provide services in Egypt, Nigeria, Ghana and South Africa.

The Boleno token

Boleno (BLN) is the native token which is the base asset of Bolenum. The project seeks to create an end to end remittance service powered by the Ethereum blockchain.

The Boleno BLN token shall be the fuel of the whole Bolenum Project, powering its ecosystem and transferring value across its network. The BLN token shall be utilized for secured payment remittances, withdrawal to any local African fiat currency, shopping on the Bolenum marketplace, payment for transaction fees on the Bolenum Exchange, payment for new listing of other digital assets and a host of other usage

he Boleno Video bounty

We want to thank every community member who participated in the video bounty. After careful consideration, the video sent in by Adnan Khalil Algabal was selected. Hence he is the winner of the bounty price. Thus, this video becomes the proprietary property of the Bolenum Project.


- The purpose of the Boleno token or BLN is to be a store of value and a secured payment instrument for transactions
- Using the Bolenum exchange, they will be exchangeable into local African fiat currencies such as the Naira or foreign fiat currencies such as the US dollar
- The Boleno Exchange will combine the traditional exchange characteristics with a marketplace twist where peer-to-peer trading as well as peer-to-central fiat funding are available
- The Boleno tokens will also be able to be traded on third party cryptocurrency exchanges as well as the Bolenum exchange
- Will provide a Bolenum wallet that is fully compatible with the Bolenum exchange and that allows for easy withdrawal and purchase of tokens

Technical Info

Technical details:  Ethereum ERC20 Token The source code:  No Proof of developer:  Anonymous team


  • Aug 6

  • ICO announced
  • Stage 1

  • Project Setup Git Setup Database Design Activity based Authorization Role Activity Mapping
  • Aug 18

  • Presale starts
  • Stage 2

  • Email Signup Email Verification Social Signup (facebook & Google+) Email Login Social Login Admin Creating different users and assigning different roles
  • Read More
  • Aug 23

  • ICO starts
  • Stage 3

  • Image Server User KYC User bank Information SMS service integration 2FA AUthentication (SMS)
    2FA ( Google Authenticator) Bitcoind Setup Ethereum Setup BLN Setup
  • Q4 2017

  • Wallets launch - allowing users to send and receive tokens, stake and host masternodes. Commence efforts to create STUB community governance. Trading STUB on public cryptocurrency exchanges. Money management consultants engaged for treasury.
  • Stage 4

  • Order Book Order Creation BTC/ETH BTC/BLN ETH/ BLN BLN/Fiat( naira, rand etc) BLN/any Ethereum Token
    Escrow functionality & trade flow email and sms notification bitcoin send and recieve BLN send and receive Ethereum send and receive wallet creations
  • Q1 2018

  • TokenStub platform on Testweb. Ongoing marketing efforts with venues and performers. Aggressive mid-tier and top-tier influencer marketing campaigns.
  • Stage 5

  • Dispute flow in case of any dispute user management Admin transaction history for each user Admin user activity and trade ticker TRansaction management in Admin Chat group for each order Admin dashboard Admin settings User settings bug fixing deployment Change Request Maintenance Support New feature Development
  • Q2 2018

  • Android and iOS STUB wallets release. TokenStub platform public beta release. API development. Partnerships with independent ticketing brokers, venues and entertainers.
  • The Bolenum Secured Payment Remittance Service

  • This shall provide end-to-end secured payment solution across many local African fiat. This shall be delivered on 31st May 2018
  • Q3 2018

  • Android and iOS apps for ticket exchange platform. Mass marketing efforts to promote awareness, increase market share and exert influence on the ticketing industry. Negotiations with Ticketmaster's former exclusive partners. Release of decentralized
    governance to the TokenStub community.
  • Cross Border/Token Payment Card

  • This will provide seamless card payment services globally and locally for utility companies in Africa. This shall be delivered on 30th May 2019
  • Q4 2018

  • Continue mass marketing efforts for awareness and penetration into foreign markets. STUB Platform upgrades, wallet upgrades, IOS & Android application upgrades.
  • Bolenum Wallet

  • This shall provide secure, safe and encrypted cryptocurrency wallet available on most of the major mobile phones platforms. This shall be delivered on 28 December 2019
  • Q1 2019

  • Aggressive growth in market share along with platform add-ons for fan clubs. Additional APIs for 3rd party software developers. Initiatives for worldwide education and marketing.


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Sean McHale
Chief Executive Officer
Erik Velie, Esq.
Chief Operating Officer
Dr. Philip Fernbach
Chief Strategy Officer
Brandon Stuart
Chief Marketing Officer
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Ultimately, cryptocurrency startups are launching all over the world. However, the continent of Africa – which is already underserved by traditional banking institutions – isn’t as well-represented in the world of cryptocurrency. Bolenum wants to change that. The company is targeting its cryptocurrency and financial services at four countries to begin, including South Africa, Nigeria, Egypt, and Ghana, which together account for over 350 million people. In the future, Bolenum wants to expand globally (with a focus on the Global South).

The next step for Bolenum is to launch its digital token, the Boleno token (BLN). The ICO is scheduled to start on July 15, 2017 and last until August 14.

If Bolenum is successful, the company will be able to expand the use of cryptocurrency across the continent of Africa while solving crucial roadblocks along the way. The three core products offered by Bolenum include a wallet, an exchange, and a Boleno Token.

One issue with Bolenum is that there isn’t a lot of technical information in the company’s whitepaper. The whitepaper is just 7 pages long and provides basic information about the company’s goals and anticipated products. We would like to see more concrete information regarding timelines and project development. We also can’t find any information about the founders of the company, or its executive team.

Ultimately, there are some red flags about Bolenum that need to be addressed. The platform claims to have benevolent goals in mind – but we need a lot more information about the project.

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