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Marine Industry by ts nature involve cross-border transactions with the involvement of conspicuous paperwork and bureaucracy together with the slowdown in international payments. The blockchain introduces disruptive advancements: transparency, tractability, enhanced security and immutability. The blockchain technology offer for the first time in history a shared ledger of information globally distributed and globally accessible that found its logic on strong security that cannot be violated also by the decision of multiple Governments together. This new technology can cut many of the middle-man that slowdown the business processes, and serve as the ground of a new digital revolution. Trust in data is fundamental in a world more and more based on computers and data, data that is growing exponentially during the years. Our solution will help achieve significant gains in efficiency and transparency.
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Dec 1, 2018
Dec 31, 2018
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About BlueQbit

In the Token Generation Event or ICO with the introduction of CARAT, various formulas are proposed with which they assure advantages to buyers who acquire the tokens with respect to subsequent users (typically they are economic advantages with a reduction in the amount of the fee due for the performance or for the use of the good). This is crowdfunding, in the form of reward crowfunding (in which lenders are offered a reward for having made the investment) that is traced back or to the modal donation (in which, pursuant to Article 793 of the Civil Code, the donor is required to fulfill of the expected charge) or to the sale of future things (pursuant to Article 1472 of the Civil Code). In these hypotheses the Initial Coin Offering is a real offer to the public ex art. 1336 c.c. and the services can take the most varied content, making it difficult to frame the contract that is concluded with the purchase of the token within one (only) typical case assuming instead the character of mixed store, however regulated by the contractual autonomy of the parties . The content of the service, therefore, will be that established by the party that promotes the offer by binding to the public to lend, even in the future, the obligations deducted in the contract itself.   The Initial Coin Offering, of BlueQbit started in the third semester of 2018, is certainly a new opportunity for companies and individuals to invest in a project of undoubted need that is unmatched in order to achieve Blockchain in the "Maritime transport market" CARAT ecosystem that will develop in the context of altcoin (that is token alternative to the more known Bitcoin) and the success and diffusion of CARAT (especially in the wake of speculative intent by investors), will ensure that BlueQbit can renew the world of International shipping that would be so free from old laces to make it transparent or decentralized and convenient for all, giving indirectly more breath to the global economy that finding so open new ways will expand beyond what is possible today.   And it is normal that the majority of the supervisory authorities suspiciously look at the new phenomenon, on the other hand aware that this is a new opportunity to raise capital on the part of companies that can not be completely prohibited (except for exceptional cases) of China and South Korea but they moved to Hong Kong and Tawain for these projects).

BlueQbit Roadmap

  • January 2017

  • Idea first inception;
    Reduce it to purely the essential information;
    Technical analysis.
  • September 2018

  • Estoonian Company formation.
  • December 2018

  • Wallet Licence Acquisition;
    ICO Website publication;
    Smart Contract Token CARATI is public on the mainnet Private Sale Start;
    Pre-sale and Airdrop start.
  • January 2019

  • ICO main Sale Start;
    Pre-ICO 1st to 31st January.
  • Read More
  • February 2019

  • ICO Round 1;
    1st February to 30th June 2019;
    Caratichan Framework 1st publication.
  • May 2019

  • Start the implementation of the main modules.
  • July 2019

  • ICO Round 2 - 1st July to 31st August 2019.
  • September 2019

  • BlueQbitPLatform pilot program is integrated with identified goverment-mandated compliance, governance and customs;
    ICO Round 3 - 1st September to 30th November.
  • December 2019

  • Roll-out of BlueQbit platform allowing carriers, partnersand goverment agencies to run their ow instance customdevelopment for the carriers and partners as per their requirment on top of BlueQbit platform,


30 Days Growth:

BlueQbit Team

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Arrigo Garipoli
Managing Director
Agnese Wanda De Carl...
Chief Financial Officer
Laura Garipoli
Marketing Director
Amir Omayer
Full Stack ÐApp Developer
Ramesh Thupakula
Architect for Blockchain
Foued Lameri
Web Master


Verified 0%

Attention. There is a risk that unverified members are not actually members of the team

Adam Golan
Hyperledger Advisor
Natasha Golan
Art Design Advisor
Gabriele Passeri

BlueQbit Interviews

Foued Lameri
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
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BlueQbit Last News

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