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This collection is completely custom made and non-generative NFTs. It will be used as nft cold wallet when necessary funds are provided.
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About Blodies.eth

Crypto SD Cards is an NFT. It was designed to provide a purely purposeful and usable NFT. There are usb cold wallets that can be actively used today. However, it has an unchangeable design and is only produced for storing crypto coins. Our main goal is to be able to store NFTs in a cold wallet and at the same time have a design that you can choose according to your own taste.

As we all know, such projects are managed as start-ups. In the past, a start-up was created, designed and presented to angel investors and expected to receive funding. This process was then managed and directed by companies like kickstarter. Popular projects were strengthened and funded by donation.

We aim to fund this process by making sales as NFT. In this way, people can sell and trade the nfts they buy. In the future, we plan to gift any Crypto SD Card purchased as NFT free to anyone who buys it.

The features of Crypto SD Cards are formatted considering the rarity system. For example, a card has 6 main features as case, board, memory, pin, rarity and encryption. In general, the most valuable rare items are determined according to these characteristics.

Generally, batch production is healthier. It would be much more expensive to produce a single card due to production costs. For this reason, it is more appropriate to produce at least 5 of a kind of card.


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