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Use BFS-Acces features to retrieve data and login to your accounts with NFTs
BFS-Access is a login method using NFTs. Valuate your accounts based on the content you accumulate in your favorite game or on your favorite app. You can also used BFS-Access to unlock special features or anything else that requires authentication or a specific pass.
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About BlockFileSystem

The Block File System and BFS-Access project were mainly designed to answer a few questions.
1 - How to have simple and secure access to several profiles without using differents and complicated
passwords ?
2 - How to give value to the content that we develop into our account ?
3 - How to transfer or sell many accounts to someone else without giving up our passwords, usernames,
emails address and/or Ethereum address ?
4 - How to easily verify the authenticity of an account ?
The uniqueness specific to user profiles and the authenticity of the account can be easily verified with
To eliminate the management of passwords and keep a secure connection method, BFS-Access is stored
in an Ethereum wallet like any NFT. You just need to be connected to your wallet to unlock your account
with a BFS-Access.
As all the login information are in the token and you just need to hold the BFS-Access in your wallet to
unlock the account, your BFS-Access can be transferred or sold like any other NFT. You can easely
transfert your account to someone else without giving up your password, your email address or your
Ethereum address.
Depending on the type of account to which it gives access and/or its content, the value of the BFS-Access
may increase. As you collect new items in a game or develop the profile of your favorite application you
can increase the value to your BFS-Access. It makes a game or an application more attractive and gives
more benefit for users to use this login method rather than another.
Because the benefits of users are also the interests of developers, ease of use and integration were key
concerns. BFS-Access can be created on the BFS platform with just one click, but not only.
A create button can be added to any website or application just as easily. By doing this, the website will
add a new login option and attract new users. In the other hand, users can create their BFS-Access
directly from the service they want to use with just one click.
With all that in mind, BFS-Access addresses our originals problems by providing a new easy-to-use
connection method.

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