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Bitcrush Arcade

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
The First Hybrid Defi Gaming Platform on BSC
A hybrid system of provably fair and decentralized games that utilize Defi protocols, launching with a tested and working product.
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About Bitcrush Arcade

Bitcrush Arcade introduces a decentralized live wallet to act as an escrow for players who are comfortable with provably fair games and slots, but still like to engage seamlessly with Defi protocols. Additionally, every game developed by Bitcrush Arcade will offer a provably fair version that connects to a live wallet, as well as a decentralized version of the game to allow players the exact functionality they prefer. The live wallet will allow us to launch 3rd party games like slots using native BSC tokens and keep you connected to all the Dapps you interact with on a daily basis.

Blockchain games are slow and expensive as every roll requires a new transaction to be signed, a fee paid, and you must wait for the next block hash to see your roll result. However your funds are always in your control. Provably fair games are fast and cheap, as rolls and results are handled on a server. While they are provably fair however, they still require a level of trust. With our live wallet we're introducing as much transparency to the process as possible. Every game Bitcrush Arcade develops will have a decentralized version, and a provably fair version if the tech allows, to give players the most options.

Asset pools takes on a whole new life of its own here as we offer not only typical APY staking, but also share a majority of the house profits with the staking pools. By staking you help to control supply, but also lend your staked tokens to the Bankroll to help the house grow. As all casino games have a house edge, mathematically the house has a statistical probability to profit over time. This offers a higher risk staking pool with much higher reward potential. In addition to staking for rewards, players will also earn tokens just for playing, which they can stake, swap, or play. All this added to a highly deflationary token economy makes the Bitcrush Arcade ecosystem really exciting. Bonuses, burns, lottery, and more are all part of what makes Bitcrush Arcade special. Auto-compounding casino profits anyone?



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