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Bitcoin Nexx is an eco-friendly network that works by QUARK consensus. The QUARK consesus makes it possible to create a new form of payment as well as a completely new digital currency. It is a decentralized payment network (point to point) where users are the individuals who manage the system, without the need for an intermediary or central authority.
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About Bitcoinnexx

Bitcoin Nexx was developed to cover some shortcomings that Bitcoin has, making it a safer, faster and more private cryptocurrency in transactions, in addition to being developed as a payment gateway. Bitcoin Nexx is a Litecoin and PIVX mix, all based on Bitcoin. With regards to the essence of digital currency’s characterizing objective, BNXX means to overcome any barrier between the educated and tech-attentive. It aims to give protected methods  through which not only investors, but also the overall populace can lead business without the business without the requirement for money related establishments or mediators.

BNXX's intention is to give the individuals of the always interconnected world with a catalyst, private means to direct business for their own benefit. 

As BNXX exists to turn into the quintessential protection based currency, its base highlights are a total of those prior in different monetary forms. These have been customized and added to so as to give a solitary currency the ability to perform with the qualities of these monetary standards without their shortcomings. Additionally, BNXX, and the untraceable zPIV and Zerocoin convention, have further highlights that set BNXX separate from its antecedents and counterparts.
The product innovation behind BNXX is drawn from an ancestry of effective digital currencies, with each having looked to enhance those before it. BNXX, which began as a code fork of DASH, can move its root again from that point  to Litecoin—from which DASH was forked—and back to Bitcoin (it is signiöcant that DASH returned in enormous to Bitcoin codebase). Each of the three of these coins have invested energy in the main 10 cryptographic forms of money.

BNXX is continually attempting to enhance these past innovations on its own. In that capacity, includes once executed by BNXX, for example, the early PoW stage, CoinJoin, and the resigned teeter-totter component clear a path for progressively aspiring highlights.


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