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BITCAPTERA is a open source Lending / Staking / Mining / Trading platform designed to provide all crypto enthusiast a one stop solution for all their investment needs. BITCAPTERA is truly decentralized, Safe & Secure platform for the community of like minded individuals who work to earn while holding their crypto assets intact.
Risk: Very High
Nov 27, 2017
Jan 5, 2018
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Peer to peer itself means Bitcaptera (BITCAP) runs without having a central server. The Storage server is decentralized and distributed – divided into various servers run by each user connected to the network.

BitCaptera (BITCAP) that uses the Blockchain database is not controlled by a party, but is so open to the public that it is impossible for someone to forge transactions in Blockchain. All transactions are recorded live, transparent, and spread across multiple servers. Those who want to change or falsify BitCaptera (BITCAP) transaction data must hack multiple servers at the same time.

BitCaptera (BITCAP) is not controlled by any organizations or governments. Bitcaptera (BITCAP) uses blockchain technology and the database is continuously recorded and shared to all servers, so all information is impossible to be tampered or cheated. If someone wants to cheat, they must hack all the servers at the same time.

All the transactions we have done can be seen, but we do not know who the owner of the Bitcaptera (BITCAP) address is, if the owner does not tell it. Each Bitcaptera (BITCAP) user can actually choose whether or not his name will appear, but even if the user wants to keep his identity secret, all of his transactions are still recorded and can be monitored through blockchain.

Any time following the end of limited Bitcaptera (BITCAP) tokens sale, Holder’s may redeem their token if the token falls below their expectation i.e. if the price goes down below the minimum 10 $ in first quarter of listing on exchanges, Token holder’s can opt to withdraw their funds by returning the tokens, Which they are holding.

Every quarter company will buy back .5 Million BITCAP tokens from market and burn them to reduce the circulating supply of tokens, this process of buy back will continue until the supply reduces to 9 Million token in circulation within twelve months of listing on the Exchanges i.e. by December 2018. ( See Roadmap)

Transfer fee can be removed until free, but to speed up transactions, you can set the cost in Bitcaptera (BITCAP) wallet as needed no matter how much coin is sent.

Just like Bitcoin, it can be sent anywhere in seconds, whenever and wherever you want. Money transfer with Bitcaptera (BITCAP) can happen only with a Smartphone’s and internet connection.


  • November-December 2017

  • ICO distribution Marketing for awareness
  • Early January 2018

  • Trading on external / Bitcaptera exchange starts Listing on Coin MKT Cap Web wallet Lending program starts Target price 15-20$
  • February 2018

  • Android and iOS wallet Partnership with various service providers / merchants
  • March 2018

  • Mktg campaign to bring and build strong BITCAPTERA COMMUNITY Launch of mining pool Buy back of 0.5 mln tokens
  • Read More
  • April 2018

  • Launch of multi-crypto Bitcaptera Exchange BITCAPTERA debit card Security improvements and website upgrades
  • May 2018

  • New mobile lite wallet for easy operations Target price 50-70$
  • June 2018

  • Trading on Binance, Bittrex and HITBTC Proof of stake starts that pays handsome residual income Target price 100-110$ Buy back of 0.5 mln tokens
  • January 2019

  • Target price 200-225$


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