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Please BESS the world's first ICO based on the Ethereum platform that functions as a voucher for the creation and use of BESS power plant ™ (hardware), preferably produced in Germany, in Europe.
Apr 1, 2018
Feb 28, 2019
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About BESS Coin ICO

Blockchain is a decentralised information structure consisting of many interlinked computers (blocks), technically it is a decentralised database that automatically updates itself. The concatenated computers automatically download the latest version of the database. To rewrite entries later is impossible, because this would require an infinitely large computing power.

The transactions are always captured in blocks that are virtually linked together. A block may contain the data of many transactions, such as account information, sums to be transferred, contracts, currency, real estate books, or works of art.

The algorithm calculated from the transactions, a number, is called a hash. With this hash, a fingerprint of the data, no original data can be reconstructed. However, it can be seen when a new transaction changes the original database because the hash value of the predecessor block always enters the data of the next block.
So a chain is formed, the Blockchain.

When a certain amount of data is reached, the block is closed and a new block is created.

The mining is the creation of new coins. With each newly built BESS Kraftwerke™, new blocks and thus new hashes or BESS coins are created.

Problems hash
The more coins or crypto-valuta in circulation, the greater the hash rates and thus the power consumption, whereby not inconsiderable costs arise in the transactions.

BESS Kraftwerke™ with integrated blockchain technology solve this problem by removing excess power from the grid or by purchasing electricity directly from the power exchange, thereby reducing costs to a minimum. This makes mining an economically highly interesting factor.

In addition, at least 70% of the output of BESS Kraftwerk™ is offered on the reserve power market.

Each BESS coin is backed by currently 6.6 kWh of electricity produced. The constant expansion of BESS Kaftwerke™ will simultaneously ensure the stability and value of the BESS Coin.

BESS Coin ICO Roadmap

  • Start 01 - 04 - 2018:

  • 1. Projects: BESS Power Plant Alte Zementfabrik: 40 MW BESS power plant
    of which 10 MW for BESS Coin Mining - 30 MW for Reserve Power
  • Exchange 01 - 04 - 2019

  • During the exchange phase, the ICOs will be switched to the final cryptic currency, BESS-COINS (BES), against the creation and commissioning
  • Trade 01 - 01 - 2020

  • Set up own "Exchange Platforms" with participation in the trade Cooperation with ETHER payment systems
    Through every trade action of BESS


BESS Coin ICO Team

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Edmund Schmitz
Chief Board Member (CEO)
Hubert Suslik
Account Manager
Marc Schüßler
CIO (Chief Information Officer)
Bodo Danzl
Executive Board Member (CO)
Vincenzo Carnabuci
Sales Technical and coordination Europa
Max Zanchi
Sales - international affairs
Dr. Atti Dikeni Affo
Account Management - Sales and Organition Afrika
Fausto Toso
Sales Italy – Baltic countries - Western Asia
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