Created using Figma
Created using Figma
We reward our holders on CAKE and Cardano, we help those in need for food clean water and shelter, some basics that we think every single human needs to have already did 2 donations on food and water in Cambodia.
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About BabyCare

The BabyCare team is a group of developers, project managers, social entrepreneurs, designers and marketeers with a mission to fuel a global movement that will defie the status quo and make profitability intrinsically linked to positive social impact.

We are the unappreciated, raised in an economic system set up for us to fail, but using the few safety nets available to us to build a better future. We had access to education, free school meals and clean drinking water. We are very aware of how lucky we have been, but we don’t see how it can be celebrated when so many others don’t have these basics of survival.

Refer to our whitepaper for more information on our core values.

Our Mission

BabyCare aims to tip the scales of equality in favour of the forgotten and ignored. To give hope and lasting change to those who have been disenfranchised by the current elite. We know that the best way to achieve this is to invest in the next generation. Generation Z has unequivocally proven that they are passionate and capable of instigating change, and we have only scratched the surface of their talent.

Around the world, there are currently 72 million children who are not receiving an education in the primary years alone. 66 million of the children who do receive a primary education do so hungry. More than 800 children under the age of 5 die every day because they do not have access to clean drinking water. These numbers are unacceptable, clear signs of systematic failure by those in power. It is hard to imagine what society could have achieved if these children had had the same basic amenities as the privileged classes.

BabyCare unique tokenomics has enabled us to provide multiple levels of fundraising for our campaign. 4% of each transaction is automatically deposited into our charity wallet. We have 5% of the initial supply in a reserve Urgent Appeal Fund (UAF). Full details of our rug-pull proof tokenomics with locked liquidity hard coded into our contract can be found in the latter sections.

All our donations with the transaction HASH will be available online to ensure full transparency. This is an automated and trusted ecosystem designed to put people first. BabyCare, the people’s coin.

BabyCare Roadmap

  • Stage 1

  • BabyCare is Born on the Binance Smart chain network
    ✔ Presale on
    ✔ 70% LP Lock on for 9 months
    ✔ 30% BNB Raised during presale will be used for initial marketing/exchange listings and etc.
    ✔ Website Launch
    ✔ White Paper Release
    ✔ Community giveaways
    ✔ Meme Contests
    ✔ Base Marketing Push (Reddit, PooCoin ad’s and etc.)
  • Stage 2

  • ✔ Refine community platform
    ✔ further Community contests and giveaways
    ✔ Refine social media channels
    ✔ List on Coin-Gecko / CMC
    ✔ Commence Bi-weekly donations
    ✔ Plan token burn cycles with community
    ✔ Smart contract Audit
    ✔ Partnrship with influencers i.e. Youtube, Twitter & TikTok
    ✔ BabyCare BS DashBoard (Earnings tracking)
  • Stage 3

  • ✔ Strategic marketing campaign
    ✔ Further define RoadMap
    ✔ Apply for CERTIK Smart contract Audit
    ✔ Possible Exchange Listings
    ✔ Apply for BTok/Dextool Banners
    ✔ Establish multiple charity partnerships
    ✔ Establish community charity polling system
    ✔ Seek community funding/Kickstarter
    ✔ Further grow develop partnerships with a range of charities for app enlistment
  • Stage 4

  • ✔ Commence strategic planning of app Development
    ✔ Confirm charities for enlisting on app when launched
    ✔ NFT’s
    ✔ Further increase social media presence and marketing
    ✔ Expand Dev and Admin team
    ✔ Exchange listings i.e. Bitmart, Hotbit, and etc.
    ✔ Make BabyCare BSC is more mainstream
    ✔ Launch BabyCare Merch Shop
    ✔ Launch Expanded RoadMap
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  • Stage 5

  • ✔ Complete app development and launch on IOS/Android
    ✔ Further develop creative means to giveback to communities and charities
    ✔ Establish further partnerships
    ✔ NFT Drops Begin
    ✔ New Website & Merch Store Launch
    ✔ App Release on IOS & Android
    ✔ Incorporation of Legal entity
    ✔ Onboarding consultancies and strateic partners with wide networks


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