Baby Floki Up

Baby Floki Up

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Created using Figma
As the little brother of $FLOKI, Baby Floki Up is here to bring the cutest most inspiring coin of the whole Doge family thanks to the #DogeFather Elon Musk. Similar to Dogecoin, Shiba Inu and $FLOKI, BFU has been birthed by fans all around the world. BFU has learned lessons from these other coins to become the strongest member of the Doge Family thanks to the Buy-back mechanism and rewards system. Ready for the rise of The Doge Family and BFU.
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About Baby Floki Up



Baby Floki Up has two main missions: provide the wealth for humanity as a money maker and creating a healthy - long term development based on the buyback mechanism. In order to do that, our buy-back mechanism has been arranged for the healthy chart of BFU token as well as the automatic rewards system for loyal holders. There will be 6% of taxes for buy-back and 2% for rewards that happen on the contract. Just sleep tight and you can see the amount of BFU continuously rising. The more you keep BFU, the more you get in rewards.

AMM (Automated Market Maker) exchange is now trending and suitable for many investors. So BFU also wants to arrange the best way for new investors in acquiring the BFU token and other cryptocurrencies through our BFUswap as a Dapp with an Exchange function (release at the date of launching token) and farming function (to be launched in December). The Doge Family will rise again.


Buy - back mechanism

There will be a total of 6% tax for the system to buy tokens automatically and burn them in order to reassure Baby Floki Up holders.

Reward system

There will be a total of 2% tax that will be used for automatic reward in $BFU for BFU lovers.

Marketing development

4% of taxes will be for marketing development. Eventually, this will help us spreadout to the entire world. It's boring to be rich alone, right?

Sustainable business structure

To ensure the long lasting commitment of the Baby Floki Up team, 2% will be for them to help them deliver and complete all of our missions.

Baby Floki Up Roadmap

  • Q4, 2021

  • • Protocol complete
    • Massive Marketing campaign
    • Smart Contract Audit
    • Coinmarketcap listing
    • Launching on Pancakeswap
    • CEX listings
    • 15,000 rich holders
  • Q1, 2022

  • • 30,000 rich holders
    • Continuously marketing campaign
    • More CEX listings
    • Partnerships
  • Q2, 2022

  • • BFU shows
    • More Partnerships
    • 60,000 holders
    • Tesla and money giveaway
    • Donation for poor beings
  • Q3, 2022

  • • Top 50 coinmarketcap
    • 100,000 rich holders
    • Big CEX listings


27 983
30 Days Growth:
29 009
30 Days Growth:

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