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Jul 24, 2018

The Baanx Group’s goal is to create financial services that are fit for the blockchain era, bringing much needed simplicity and security to the crypto-marketplace with their mobile App and services.
Token Sale
Sep 1, 2018
Oct 31, 2018
100% completed
$6 723 750
18% cap completed
Goal 6 000 000.00 USD
Cap 36 850 000.00 USD
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56% - ICO Crowdsales
12% - Reserve
6.4% - Advisors
16% - Team & Developers
9.6% - Bounties
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Baanx Group Ltd
Registered Country
United Kingdom
Company Founded
Jan 17, 2018
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Pre-sale 1
+60% 1st $1M (min. $10k contr. - May 24)
+60% $1M (Stage 1)
+55% $1M (Stage 2)
+50% $1M (Stage 3)
Pre-sale 2
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Yes , from Sep 1, 2018 till Oct 31, 2018
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Platform, Cryptocurrency


Baanx is a building a platform that offers mobile banking alongside unique features that include Cryptocurrency. Baanx is becoming the World’s 1st Decentralised Cryptobank network, sharing financial licenses to create a platform where it is easy to start a new Cryptobank brand - servicing both retail and corporate markets. They already have an App, Custody, Lending and OTC Desk. Baanx is disrupting the Traditional Banking sector with a Decentralised Bank Ownership ethos designed to drive Blockchain and Cryptocurrency into everyday use across the world.


  • Mobile Cryptobank
  • Insured Wallet
  • Point-of-sale NFC Payment
  • Services: Crypto Exchange, Crypto & Fiat Mobile Payment Services, Insured Fiat & Crypto Account Wallet, Loans, Savings, Credit Cards, Investments.
  • Insured custody of crypto assets in your wallets
  • Multi-exchange integration enabling purchasing of crypto at best prices
  • Cryptopay solution - so you can use crypto and fiat to pay anywhere using virtual cards
  • Growth of a network of decentralised crypto brands, enabling users to become owners through a combination of white-labeling, bank license sharing and regulatory smart contracts/rule based platform to keep the platform safe.
  • Crypto secured lending activities and stable coin short term loans Roadmap

  • Q1, 2017

  • Existing successful online financial services brand is growing and developing AI led products and technology.
    A Decentralised Crypto-Financial Services & Cryptobank concept is pursued, work begins by FCA team and technical team on key products and blockchain product development, as well as vital secret development work is begun.
    Discussion begin about potential for ICO in 2018.
  • 2017

  • Operating Brands of Baanx Group deliver $millions in loans in the UK and we grow new Products. Extensive Funding into Baanx is started.
    Whitepaper creation & writing with team and advisors. Customer research and reach out to Cryptobank potential users underway.
  • Q1 & Q2, 2018

  • Q1/Q2, 2018
    Baanx Group has already completed $millions in Loans over recent years. Driving AI Technology across the Consumer Lending market.
    Final work turning alpha products into released product across payments, exchange and wallets - all with innovative and new features.

    ICO Planning, Website creation, further work on MVP, mobile development and licensing agreements for new products is achieved.

    ICO Is released and delivered to great success.
  • Q3 & Q4, 2018

  • ICO completed, FCA Licenses extended in UK & Lithuania E-Money License Approved.
    New Product base and existing Product base is growing extensively.
    New Crypto-Financial Services Brands are being released and bringing volume customer acquisition from existing trusted customer networks.
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  • 2019

  • EU, UK & International Banking Licenses Granted, World's Fastest Growing Platform through Sharing Bank Licenses on our rule based platform. customer acquisition and products fast growing. Network has grown extensively and delivering great crypto scaleability. No.1 Cryptobank Network and at least 100 new Crypto-Financial Services Brands are released across the world - all bringing their existing customer network into using Cryptocurrency and Blockchain in everyday life.

    Superb AI Product base has been finished across all key Lines:
    3rd Party Open API with Product releases from external sources available across all 100 Crypto-Financial Services Brands.

    Well on the journey to disrupting the centralised traditional banking sector with our decentralised ownership model.


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Tim Kumar
Head of OTC Trading
Garth Howat
John Van Der Vos
Janis Dzable
Crypto Investor, Trader and Specialist.
Michiel Triebert
CEO, Internet Entrepreneur, Mobile Expert
Chris Coulthrust


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Sean Salloux
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Garth Howat
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project? What do you think about idea?
After building a consumer loan business in the UK using automation and AI we realised what a massive opportunity there is in creating the World's 1st Decentralised Crypto-Financial Services Network sharing Bank Licenses between our products and business and new and existing brands.
We are very excited by the great response regarding the ICO process and having an awesome team with over 100 years of top level Banking and Financial Services experience we look forward to building our community further. Do get in touch with me if you need me and look forward to speaking.
John Van Der Vos
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project? What do you think about idea? is a Decentralised Digital Blockchain Banking Network.
Pre-ICO and ICO start in 2018 creating the BXX Token to push forwards with advances in the Blockchain & Crypto Era - the first phase in bank decentralisation begins here.
Register for the Pre-ICO on our website and receive BXX at pre-sale launch for a 25% bonus - contact us if you need help on [email protected]
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The business model is fresh, and demonstrates that it is not just Amazon who sees the benefit of on-boarding external product providers to expand choice for the consumer. Financial, travel and other comparison websites have proliferated in recent years because they met a real-life need of consolidating information and purchase opportunities in one place.

With trust in legacy banking forecast to be eroded in the future, a blockchain-based solution is a natural progressive step to facilitate commerce.

Whilst others in the financial space such as Bankera, TenX, Crypterium and SALT Lending have recognised this and are seeking to address certain aspects of the financial changeover, Baanx appear to be unique in that they are seeking to create an umbrella structure for all of these individual elements.

Initial thoughts may lead investors to believe that the task is too large for a fledgling company to tackle but one benefit with the model is that some of the workload and route to market can be shared with established partners.

As per standard business practice, no details of the brands signing onto the platform are currently available, however the whitepaper does elude to Baanx being contacted by “45 businesses ranging from mid-tier online brands through to startups (who are) wanting Cryptobank services.”

It goes on to state that “Many new partners are choosing our white label and bespoke options, however there are organisations, like Tier 2 and 3 Banks, who might just want to use our tech (mainly within financial services already) and operate our products in the market.”

All of which sounds promising.

It will help to see alpha or demo versions of Baanx’s own products prior to launch but, with the Optimal Search website acting as an MVP, it can be seen that the directors are capable of running a successful fin-tech operation within a national regulatory framework.

For this project though, as with any involved with the present financial authorities, the size of future expansion hinges on whether the correct licenses can be obtained. If successful, Baanx could rapidly evolve from being a shop-window for its own products and other established brands to being truly disruptive by facilitating start-ups to share in the various credit, investment and banking opportunities that the impending blockchain era will likely throw up.

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