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About B2X

B2X is a Next Gen Staking platform built on Binance Smart Chain with goals to disrupt the traditional DApp & Smart Contract Game market.

B2X offers a smart contract driven exchange that mints tokens every 24 hours and allows users to swap their BNB for B2X tokens in a auction style lobby format. 45% of the BNB that is pooled in the auctions smart contract each day are redistributed back out as dividends to those users who "Stake" their B2X tokens within the smart contract. 40% of the BNB from daily auctions is sent to the B2X Vault where it drips at a 1% rate to users that have deposited B2X tokens in its smart contract.

Their teams main focus is developing a large ecosystem of DApps and Smart Contract driven DeFi games that utilize the B2X token as form of reward. Each DApp built within its escosystem includes a "BURN" feature decreasing the amount of B2X in circulation. This acts as a measure to help counter the inflation of auction lobbies each day.

The B2X team has shown they are serious about the growth of the platform. Locking their liquidity tokens as well as performing buy backs and burns everyday. Our roadmap that includes a Profit Sharing DEX, PVP Smart Contract Games, DeFi DApps and more.


Daily Auction Lobby

Our Daily Auctions will start from 3,700 B2X tokens per day and will be distributed between the users that participated in Auction based on their purchase amount. This will reduce over the next 365 days down to only 50 B2X per day.

Daily BNB Dividends

Everyday 45% of the previous day's BNB that was spent in the Auction Lobby will be pooled and allocated to users based upon their stake share %.

Lucrative Staking System

Stake your B2X tokens within the Staking Portal and earn daily interest. Additionally Stakers are rewarded BNB tokens from the daily Lobbies based off the percentage of total tokens being Staked.


30 Days Growth:
30 Days Growth:

397 385

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