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Augury Finance

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Augury Finance. Your gateway to DeFi begins here. Only on Polygon.
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About Augury Finance

Augury Finance is a Decentralized Finance platform which offers complete control over your financial assets from a single-pane of glass without any centralized custody. The entire ecosystem is built so that each product works with each other and all products drive value for OMEN token holders. The Augury Finance solution offers stakeholders the following features: Augury Swapper: An aggregated, automated decentralized exchange which uses smart routing to intelligently provide users with the most streamlined experience for exchanging their tokens. Users are able to tap into our wealth of liquidity solutions which work across various automated exchanges. Augury Pools + Staking: Allows users to earn yield on their tokens. Users can bring both stable (e.g. USDT) and volatile (e.g. ETH) coins to our platform and earn OMEN yields for staking their assets. Augury then uses these pools to provide liquidity to our Swapper system, creating a virtuous circle of being able to swap stake coins all from one interface at the best rates. Additionally, partners can tap into our Augury Pools to leverage
additional liquidity on-chain. Augury Cauldron: A mechanism that allows us to bring new, exciting products to the chains which we support. The Augury Cauldron will offer a single location to learn about and explore new products on the blockchain. The Augury Cauldron benefits the Augury ecosystem by providing our users the ability to get in first on products before they hit other markets. For product teams, the Augury ecosystem provides liquidity pools and swaps which will help your project grow. Products launched from the Augury Cauldron receive
support from Augury Finance so that product teams can focus on development while we handle creating liquidity exposure for your coin.
Augury Predictions: Predictive games are part of Augury Finance. Examples include being able to make a prediction on the direction of a coin. If you guess correctly, you receive more coins than you put into the system. If you’re incorrect, part of your coins go into the Augury Finance treasury.


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