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Attarius Network

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Attarius Network - the first and only all-in-one NFT ecosystem for game industry.
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About Attarius Network

We extend the meaning of games beyond conventional portable interfaces. Attarius Network - is a launchpad-marketplace with free blockchain for game studios, with a high level of technical and advisory support   Uniform solution for the whole industry Attarius Network - an ecosystem of easy-to-go decentralized solutions for game developers and players - new revolution in play-to-earn and NFT.

We present a game developer toolkit for them to tokenise game assets: native blockchain, a single payment system, the DeFi ecosystem and NFT. These are new economic features for players and supporters to make money. Infrastructure and innovation Attarius Network provides developers and gamers with a complete all-in-one ecosystem for creating, integrating and managing games and game assets. Attarius will facilitate in realization of all your ideas, from fundraising for development, to creating your own gaming multiverse.   Value creation for all participants Attarius creates value for every user of the ecosystem, regardless of whether it is player or a developer. User friendly and intuitive interface with high functionality, will ensure effective interaction of all users with the ecosystem.   Seamless integration You want to create a new game from scratch, or you might already have an existing one. Use our tools - APIs, SDKs for a seamless integration and creation of games. Receive detailed analytics, control game mechanics and manage payment systems through Attarius Developers' Panel. Have a question or a suggestion? Our Customer Support is at your aid 24/7.   Freedom of multi-chain Attarius Network - integrate with fast and the most promising existing blockchain ecosystems and protocols for a better scaling and easier transfer of your digital assets. We do not limit our users but give them a complete freedom in managing and controlling their assets.   GameFi & NFT We provide developers and gamers with the best and safest DeFi mechanics to expand their economic and gaming opportunities.

Add value and uniqueness to your digital assets - use our tech developments and technologies to NFTize your gaming projects.  

Full support for gaming projects

We at Attarius Network strongly believe in the bright future for blockchain games and, therefore, have created an initiative together with Human Guild to support gaming projects at all stages of their development, starting right from the inception of the concept stage. We will be glad to discuss your game project, be it a game at concept stage, or an already existing one.  

Ways we are providing support and guidance for the gaming projects:

Education in blockchain technology

Consultancy and assistance in the creation process of the in-game internal economics, including the play-to-earn model

Technical and blockchain integration assistance

Fundraising in form of grants from our partners and crypto-rounds from leading foundations

Support on all stages of the project lifecycle


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