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Athos Meta is the “biological son” of the Athos Meta Capital. Possessing a diverse ecosystem and experienced human resources, Athos Meta will surprise investors with its certainty, transparency, and long-term profits
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About Athos Meta

Athos Meta is the “biological son” of the Athos Meta Capital. Possessing a diverse ecosystem and experienced human resources, Athos Meta will surprise investors with its certainty, transparency, and long-term profits.

Born in early 2022. Athos Meta is a decentralized blockchain and orients itself to be the first ecosystem owning 5 spectacular areas: Auto Bot Trade, Farming, Staking, Gaming and Betting that brings maximum profit to investors and holders. “The money will be automatically generated and be returned to your wallet constantly - said of Athos Meta - Sebastian Spencer. We are transparent in finance and in every step of our team. We strive to improve our ecosystem along with KYC and audit, hoping investors feel secure when accompanying Athos Meta.

Athos Meta Ecosystem.

We want to be the first blockchain possessing four diversified profitable ecosystems for investors and we are making effort for that purpose.

BOT Trade - Things under your control!

People understands that it is possible to make a fortune on cryptocurrency, but few are ready to sit at the monitor around the clock, peer at charts and analyze the market. That why we create Athos Bot Trade


Unlike existing staking platforms, Multiverse Pool from Athos Meta not only allows investors to make money from staking $ATM, Athos Meta also expands investment channels by staking top coins currently on.


Yield Farms allow users to earn $ATM while supporting Athos Meta by staking LP Tokens.


Catch - Excite - Earn with Fishing Game of Athos Meta. Each player is a legend by choosing the best fishing rod and state-of-the-art weapons to go and catch fish. Stress is away and money is around!


Core Value

Let's work together in harmony to expand the Athos Meta ecosystem where each project will explore new land and name them as the Athos Meta property.

Transparency and Faith:

We work to ensure that openness, appropriate standards and communication flow through the Athos Meta ecosystem.


The longer you stay with Athos Meta, the more rewards and profit you get.

Facilitating partnerships

With active collaboration and openness, we can drive collective success, accelerate interoperability and unlock value for Athos Meta Ecosystem.

Shaping legislation and commercial standards

We actively engage with and work alongside policymakers, law-making bodies, regulators, politicians, and the academic community to lay the fundamental groundwork for this revolutionary technology.

Athos Meta Roadmap

  • Phase 1

  • Gather Athos Meta team
    Generate idea for AThos Meta Ecosystem
    Create and complete a Bot Trade
    Release Al Bot Trade
    Complete Staking platform
    Release 1 token staking program
  • Phase 2

  • Push hard Marketing Campaign
    List token on Pinksale and Pancakeswap
    Fish Gaming concept
    Release General Athos Meta farming structure
  • Phase 3

  • Release farming system with 5 pairs coin
    Tokenomic Gaming design
    Art gaming design concept
    Working with VC and Backers.
  • Phase 4

  • Launch Gaming token
    Fish Gaming testing version
    NFT marketing place opening
    Mainet game releasing

Athos Meta Last News

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