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ArtRino aims to disrupt the market by creating an ecosystem where ownership, profit and decision making capacity of and for the Art is distributed and shared.
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About ArtRino

Art has been an integral part of our history and so has been the fight for ownership of masterpieces. The collectors have been a part of this war and made it even more popular. Generations changed, methods changed, mediums changed, but the one fact that did not change was that World-class masterpieces are bought, sold, and stored in vaults between chaebols and financial firms and used as a status symbol.

Art as an asset has remained behind closed doors and in the hands of powerful institutions for very long but NOW is the time to change it. The time calls for action and We are here to deliver. Due to the nature of auctions and sales, the access has always been limited but has been desired by many for a long period of time. The doors need to open and Blockchain has made opening of the doors 100x easier and achievable.

ArtRino aims to disrupt the market by creating an ecosystem where ownership, profit and decision making capacity of and for the Art is distributed and shared. We at ArtRino, believe that all the great Masterpieces should not be owned, bought, sold or stored in vaults between chaebols and financial firms. The freedom to access Art should be made available to the community.

We have a very strong belief system and intend to follow along the lines of CPF.

ArtRino is a nonprofit foundation that protects the rights and welfare of artists around the world. Based on Blockchain technology, It is developing art trading platforms and commercializing platforms to manage art exchanges and subsidiary businesses. ArtRino is located in Vincent & The Grenadines, and its management and technical teams were founded by a coalition of members from various countries including China, United Kingdom, USA and Korea.

ArtRino Roadmap

  • First World Digital Art Fair -2022

  • ● The World Digital Art Fair aims to contribute towards the development of digital art industry by forming a desirable digital art market, fairly evaluating digital (art) works and introducing them to a large number of spectators and collectors through a digital showcase event.

    ● We have several prize categories and a prize pool of over $200,000 distributed amongst winners and voters. The evaluation will be conducted out by the voters and a panel of judges.
  • World Art Competition

  • ●Through fair competition, the World Art Competition aims to expand opportunities for artists around the world to emerge, and to lead innovation in art distribution by conducting art transactions on the ArtRino platform. The World Art Competition is operated by artists, art investors, and art lovers in a system in which art lovers use ArtRino tokens to trade art stocks of art exhibition participants and reflect transaction results in art exhibition reviews
  • ArtRino Tax Free Zone

  • ● ArtRino Corp. is based out of St. Vincent & the Grenadines. The entire island will discuss with the government the exemption of art tariffs and transfer taxes to create the ArtRino bonded area. ArtRino Tax-free zone will attract world-class auction companies and galleries.
  • ArtRino Auctions

  • ● The ArtRino Auction will be held in the form of an open recruitment over a period of time, and small investors can participate in the competition by dividing the shares of the artwork. Public recruitment takes place online on the ArtRino Exchange platform. At the end of the open recruitment, transactions are made between individuals in the form of stock trading.
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  • ArtRino Bank

  • ● We will establish ArtRino Bank by country and carry out rental business of works listed in ArtRino, and distribute profits to art stockholders every year.
  • ArtRino Insurance

  • ● Artists with ArtRino insurance can enjoy lifelong benefits.​


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