Artificial Intelligence Inu

Artificial Intelligence Inu

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AiInu is created on the Binance Smart Chain created for the community and to be led by the community. A strategic revolutionary ecosystem set to deliver low gas costs transactions in the various platforms that will follow development. Our technology edge will advance AIINU to be a recognized and preferred payment method.
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Token Details
Total supply
Token Distribution
Marketing 8%
Development 2%
Tax on buy 5%
Tax on sell 10%
Buy back 3%
LP 2%
Additional Details
Smart chain

About Artificial Intelligence Inu

As a DeFi ecosystem AIINU is set to deliver a NFT solution as the most preferred, best user creative and trading experience platform available in the blockchain.  We are focused in bridging the metaverse, real life products shopping opportunities and NFT exchange trading solutions.

The success of any digital asset is based on its strong community, creative innovation together with strategic planning, which are be the three focus points in the AIINU journey.

We recognize how important our community is and for this we ensure Holders receive rewards when holding AIINU, together with the Auto-burn process that reduces the supply, making AIINU tokens Lester

Artificial Intelligence Inu Roadmap

  • Phase 1 2021

  • 🎯Launch SM Accounts.
    🎯Launch Website.
    🎯Deploy Contract BSC.
    🎯Launch Airdrop Campaign.
    🎯Build Organic Community.
    🎯Commence Marketing.
    🎯Launch on PancakeSwap.
    🎯Lock Liquidity.
  • Phase 2 2022

  • 🎯Prize Events.
    🎯Coin Listing Sites.
    🎯Community Coin Votes.
    🎯Expand Community Further.
    🎯CoinMarketCap Listing.
    🎯Coingecko Listing.
    🎯Contract Audit
  • Phase 3 2022

  • 🎯Aggressive Marketing.
    🎯Expand online appearance.
    🎯Exchange negotiations.
    🎯Begin Developing Dapp.
    🎯Expand Partnership.
    🎯Begin Develop NFT Marketplace.
    🎯Begin Develop NFT Mint.
    🎯Listing on Exchanges.
  • Phase 4 2023

  • 🎯Further PR campaigns.
    🎯Launch New Website.
    🎯Launch Marketplace.
    🎯Launch Merchandise.
    🎯Launch DApp.
    🎯Further tech development.
    🎯AI-Inu V2 community engagement.
    🎯Enhance Ecosystem protocol.

Artificial Intelligence Inu Last News

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