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In Artery Network, your device is a network validator, coin delegator and product user at the same time
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    ARTR/USDT 2 days ago
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    $ 40.88 K
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    ARTR/USDT 2 months ago
    $ 0.0077
    $ 13.041 K
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    $ 37.88
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    $ 13.23
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About Artery

The Artery network is based on devices (phones, computers) that allocate free memory and internet connection in the Artery Node product, providing decentralization to the Artery Storage and Artery VPN products. And having reached the stake of 10.000ARTR (DPoS) and Status 4 (Champion) in the partner program (PoA), the devices become validators of the Artery Blockchain

Artery Roadmap

  • 2021

  • API and AppKit for Telegram bots
    Wallets for storing and transferring BTC, ETH, USDT
    Artery Blockchain 2.0 testnet with timing events, not block heights
    3 quarter
    Decentralized messenger
    4th quarter
    Plugin for browsers with Artery VPN product. The ability to create sites in the protected area vashsite.artery. The site will open only when Artery VPN is enabled on the phone or plugin in the browser
  • 2022

  • Interface and AppKit for receiving payments in ARTR
    Artery Marketplace is a trading platform where every company can place its products and services. All companies will work as a single network, in which customers of one company will automatically receive bonuses from all others, paying for products in ARTR


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$ 1.32
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$ 20.713 K
Circ. Supply:
404.00 ARTR
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