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Decentralized Finance has taken down walls in ways CeFi never could by leveraging the potential of composability, a system design principle that deals with the inter-relationships of components. But, what are those components?
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About Artemis

Presenting Artemis, a multi-product Decentralized Finance protocol built on the Harmony Blockchain that strives to incubate those said components that build up composability: the projects and ideas. By bootstrapping these projects in a permissionless and decentralized manner by providing liquidity and exposure as a service, Artemis aims to solve what might be called the “liquidity dilemma”, that is, creating forms of on-chain liquidity without sacrificing the network's decentralization - while offering attractive yields for risk-keen users.
 We intend to create a broader range of network effects, rather than limiting the protocol to a single solution, achieved by building an ecosystem of built-in products and partnerships with different protocols built on Harmony.


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