Arrakis Finance

Arrakis Finance

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Arrakis Finance is a web3’s liquidity layer, which at its core acts as a decentralized market-making platform enabling projects to create deep liquidity for their tokens. $SPICE is the native governance token of Arrakis.
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About Arrakis Finance

Arrakis is a protocol that specializes in concentrated & active liquidity management. By creating a curated marketplace of novel tokenized LP strategies, Arrakis facilitates deep liquidity and optimizes LP earnings across its vaults.

Arrakis was incubated by the Gelato Network until this March when the Gelato DAO voted to spin the project, which was previously known as G-UNI, out into its own separate DAO.

Arrakis opens the door for a new area of decentralized market making with potential for tokenized products like:

  • Auto-Hedged delta-neutral LP positions

  • Sophisticated multi-positions on concentrated AMMs

  • Cross-AMM positions

  • LP positions coupled with lending/borrowing or options markets

  • Cross-chain strategies


  1. Automated

    Auto-compounding and rebalancing. Yield farming made smarter.

  2. Composable

    Arrakis LP positions are setup as fungible ERC20 tokens.

  3. Permissionless

    Non-custodial and openly-governed by the Arrakis DAO.

  4. Secure

    Battle-tested smart contracts that are secure and trusted.

  5. Earn Rewards

    Earn $SPICE emissions and protocol fees.

  6. Boost

    The amount of $SPICE emissions you receive

  7. Decide Emissions

    Decide which vaults receive future $SPICE emissions.

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