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ArkWorld is an UGC metaverse that provides resources and land parallel to reality, with a core focus on creators and players. With ArkWorld's built-in creative tool PocketInvEditor. Players can edit games, museums, concerts, social gatherings, shopping and more. LAND is owned by the player, and anyone can experience it or build it, and earn from it. And AKW is the proof of interest that constitutes ArkWorld.
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About ArkWorld

We are ready to arrive in arkworld

Arkworld is a utopian civilization governed by a community at the helm of the Ark, full of humanity's ultimate fantasy of the metaverse. After landing on Ark, we will use Web3.0 as the core to open mint land qualification from the "blind box economy", and the community will use the DAO economic interaction to build a virtual world.

ArkWorld Roadmap

  • Phase I

  • Support Minecarft
    Complete the LAND infrastructure of 15,000 Arkworld
    Launch an open source multiplayer server
    Complete the LAND blockchain browser Dapp
    Complete the blockchain and API interaction layer
    Official website construction completed
    Issue token AKW, open liquidity mining pool
  • Phase II

  • Release new strategic roadmap
  • Phase II

  • Start the first batch blind box sale
    IP brand and guild entry, game assets online NFT exchange
    Support land stake mining, leasing, trading functions
  • Phase III

  • Open digital identity minting and whitelist, complete cross-chain transactions of assets
    To realize the integration of metaverse and real industry mapping
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  • Phase IIII

  • Release new strategic roadmap

ArkWorld Last News

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