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Argo is a decentralized platform built on Blockchain Environment. Deploy your frontend apps in just one click.
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About ArGo

The simplest, fastest and most affordable way to unleash the power of Decentralized Clouds for the projects within the crypto space and beyond.

Decentralized and secure hosting

ArGo provide easy access to host sites on leading Decentralised Storage Networks in the blockchain ecosystem. Now users can enjoy ease of hosting site in their favourite Storage Protocol.

  • Unified Interface with the for maintaining deployments and logs
  • Simple and seamless integration with different DSNs with the all-in-one platform
  • Easy integration with domains and 100% uptime guarantee

    Designed for DeFi, NFT & Dex

    ArGo provide all tools for 100% uptime & censorship resistant hosting in all-in-one platform which is much needed feature for DeFi, NFT & Dex applications to serve it’s user across the world.

    • Transparent, immutable, and cryptographically verifiable
    • Large hybrid datasets (like payout schedules and token bonding curves)
    • Web3 based “all-in-one” experience for unified data management

ArGo Last News

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