Ares Protocol

Ares Protocol

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Ares is an on-chain verifying oracle protocol powered by Polkadot. It provides reliable off-chain data efficiently and in a trustless manner. Ares is built on Substrate and constructed as a parachain to link to Polkadot's ecology and share its security consensus. It is a scalable oracle network that provides decentralized data services to the Polkadot ecosystem and its parachains.
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  • BitMart
    ARES/USDT one year ago
    $ 0.0027
    $ 7.374 K
  • BKEX
    ARES/USDT one year ago
    $ 0.0094
    $ 3.502 K
  • Bilaxy
    ARES/ETH one year ago
    $ 0.0162
    $ 42.19
  • MEXC
    ARES/USDT one year ago
    $ 0.0098
    $ 1.178 M
  • Hotbit
    ARES/USDT 2 one year ago
    $ 0.0414
    $ 132.83 K
  • Uniswap (v3)
    ARES/ETH 2 one year ago
    $ 0.1451
  • Bilaxy
    ARES/USDC 2 one year ago
    $ 0.2120
    $ 2.16 M
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About Ares Protocol

Decentralized Finance

Ares provides precise and reliable real-time off-chain data for DeFi use cases such as decentralized stable coins, AMMs, lending, insurance, and financial derivatives. It provides convenient out-of-the-box stable infrastructure for the development of DeFi projects.

Decentralized Identity

Decentralized identity solutions provide secure, controllable, and portable digital identities, and offer one-stop solutions to wallet providers, verification providers, DAPP developers, and infrastructure providers.

Internet of Things

Data parameters captured by IoT devices can be used to trigger smart contracts and create new business models within supply chains, smart home industries identity confirmation and more. Ares Protocol can work as a secure middleware between these IoT devices and the blockchain. It can verify the data coming from IoT devices before delivering it to the blockchain.

Prediction Market

Decentralized prediction markets, such as Augur and Gnosis, use the wisdom of the crowd to predict real-world results, such as presidential elections and sports betting results.

Games and NFTs

Ares Protocol can provide verifiable randomness on the chain which can be used to generate unpredictable gameplay scenarios in block chain games or enable the minting of NFTs.



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$ 405.929 K
Volume 24h:
$ 13.156 K
Circ. Supply:
242.474 M ARES
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