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A community-driven PFP NFT project on Optimism
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About Apetimism

Apetimism is a community-driven PFP NFT project on Optimism (Layer-2 Network of Ethereum) with the objective to find the answer to an important question in NFT world:

"Does NFT really has value? If yes, is it sustainable? If it still yes, which kind of sustainable value it could deliver?"

We have seen a lot of craziness happening in the NFT market recently. For instance, people trading an image of a rock for millions dollar or an image of the illustrated ape is worth more than a house.

Although it does not seem to make sense at all but that is exactly what is happening right now. Anyway we still can't find any economic theory to help explaining this behavior just yet.

That's why we decide to launch Apetimism project with the main focus to find the economic reason that support the real value of NFT in both short-term and in the sustainable way.

We have a very long list of experiments to be running with this collection. If you are interested to be finding the answer together, please feel free to join us. It gonna be fun!


We position Apetimism project as a community-driven NFT project as we truly believe in power of community.

A NFT project in our vision is not just a piece of art being traded for profit. Treating it that way would not deliver anything but an economic bubble that gonna burst sooner or later.

From our vision, the real value of an NFT is not something coming from the NFT itself but it should be coming from the benefit gained to its holder.

The more benefits it could give to its holder, the more value it would be.

And what we found during the research phase is -- a strong and healthy community is the most important factor to make it happens since it will attract brands, partners, deals, benefits and much more to be flowing in. Therefore, we are taking it seriously on community building. A community that everyone move and do everything together. Once a healthy community has been successfully built, we would let the community drive and set the project's direction to find the path that everyone is satisfied.

A proper implementation of DAO would be the next step once everything is all set.



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