Ape Fam

Ape Fam

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
APE FAM is a group of 10,000 APE's
Ruling in the Solana Blockchain
To be announced
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About Ape Fam

We have started working on our APE's  from September 2021 & Finally here we are starting first Phase of our Journey! Phase one Consist of Ape passes for all early supporters of our Ape family


Ape Fam Roadmap

  • PHASE 1- Beginning of Evolution!

  • ‍ART - The main Aim of our team was to start working on our 3D Art of APE FAM!
    3D Art takes time also we wanted to make our Art Unique Hence,
    Our artists have Devoted a significant period of time totally to Concentrate on their ArtWork!
    COMMUNITY FORMATION - We started planning and formed a team specifically
    to Handle & Manage our Twitter Community & Discord Server!
    WEBSITE LAUNCH - Our Best Coders have worked on our Main Website & Minting
    Website to make a smooth experience for our members!
  • PHASE 2 - Exclusive APE Club!

  • As our APE's needs time to Evolve, We decided to launch our Exclusive APE Club first!
    You can have access to the Club Only if you have Exclusive APE Passes!
    There are 3 type of Exclusive APE Passes :
    BRONZE PASS - If you get a Bronze Pass, It will give you an Assured place in Minting
    of our 3D APE's , no matter how much traffic it is!
    SILVER PASS - If you manage to get a Silver Pass then you will get the privilege
    of getting 50% on the Mint Prize of Our 3D APE's!
    GOLD PASS - If you're lucky enough to get a Gold Pass that will give to Mint 3D
    APE for Absolutely FREE! NOW,
    How will you be able to get these Exclusive APE Passes ??
    You will be able to Mint these Passes for FREE on 27th December!
    There will be limited number of supply for these Exclusive Passes, out of which 60%
    will be Bronze Pass, 30% will be Silver Pass & Only 10% will be Gold Passes!
    Once You get your APE Pass , you will become Officially a Member of our
    Exclusive APE Club which will have so many Benefits Exclusively Only for Its Members :)
  • PHASE 3 - 3D APE's

  • After Successfully forming our Exclusive APE Club we will be launching details of our 3D APE's.
    Much awaited sneak-peaks will be launched.
    Minting Date's & Secondary Marketplaces Information will be revealed.
    A little more insight into the APE FAM's Future.
  • PHASE 4 - APE FAM's Future!

  • There are plans to Introduce more Members to the family of our APE FAM.
    For our Loyal Exclusive APE Club Members & Holders we will be bringing Custom Exclusive NFTs.
    ( More details will be revealed in future )


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